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    Welcome to the 2018-2019


    School Year! 




     first grade

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     Erin Rahmberg 

    Jamie Phelps   

     Elyse Graves   

      Kasey Collette




    Orientation Powerpoint


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    First Grade Schedule




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    Dates to Remember:

    • Monday, November 4th Through Friday, November 15th -   Food Drive

    11/4: peanut butter
    11/5: dry breakfast cereal
    11/6: individually wrapped children's snack packs 
    11/7: canned tuna
    11/8:1lb of coffee
    11/11: cake mix/icing tubs
    11/12: box of stuffing
    11/13:box of instant potatoes
    11/14: dry pasta 


    • Monday, November 18th Through Thursday, November 21st -   Scholastic Book Fair

    • Friday, November 22nd -   Feast Day (schedule TBA)

    • Monday, November 25th through Friday, November 29th -  Thanksgiving Holiday Break



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    1st grade specials schedule


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    Our library time is no longer part of specials.  We go every week at our assigned time. Please see below for your teacher's time for library:


    Collette: Thursday from 1:30-1:55

    Graves: Friday from 2:00-2:25

    Phelps: Thursday from 2:00-2:25

    Rahmberg: Friday from 1:30-1:55




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    Reading:Non Fiction 


    Writing: Imaginative Writing


    Grammar: Nouns and Adjectives 


    Math: Subtraction


    Social Studies: America 



    What can you do at home??

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    Reading every day helps.  This could be you reading to your child, them reading to you, or both.  Below are some websites that have some books online for your child.  

    Story Line Online  - Here are some of your favorite stories read by famous movie stars. 

    Starfall - Practice your phonics skills with these read-along stories


    1. Count up and back to a target number.  (not necessarily starting at 1 or ending at 100) Example: Let's count back from 55 to 30. 

    2. Mystery number is a fun game to support number sense,  Using a 120 chart (linked below), think of one of the numbers on the chart.  Have your child try to guess the mystery number.  Each time your child takes a guess use math talk. (less that or greater than) until your child has discovered your mystery number.  Then switch roles. 

    Below is the 120 chart and some websited you can visit to work on math. 

    3. Math Stories: Make up math stories with your child using objects such as small toys.  Chose a range of numbers that allow your child to be stretched but yet still successful.  "I have 3 toy cars. I find 7 more toy cars. How many toy cars do I have now?" 

    4. Play Make a Ten game. Take out ten items. (beans, spoons, etc.) Count them out together as ten.  Have the child hide some behind their back and you must guess how many are hiding by counting the items you can see.  Nect, switch roles so parent hides the items and student must count and guess the number.  Be sure to emphasize combinations that make ten.  (5 and 5, 1 and 9, 3 and 7, etc.) 

    120 Number Chart  

    IXL Math 

    Splash Math

    Math Playground

    Flash Cards (Fact Monster)