1.  See your Counselor. 
         *ASK for the class to be added to your Course Request
         *SIGN UP for a Lone Star College student ID (counselor has instructions).
    2.   See Ms. Francis in Room 3100 to:
         *SCHEDULE to take a TSI dual credit-eligibility test (at LSC testing center}. 
               **If you are currently a Junior, you may have STAAR, SAT or ACT scores that will qualify.
                      Ms. Francis will research for you**
                ++ Current 10th graders can qualify for DC History with PSAT scores. 
         *FILL out the Dual Credit application paper that needs parent signature.  Once you have a
           Lone Star College ID and have qualified with testing or scores, Ms. Francis will give you the
    Introducing the HHS Dual Credit Program:

    Dual Credit is part of the Lone Star College System’s exceptional admissions program, designed specifically for high school juniors and seniors ready for college-level instruction.  Sophomores are allowed to take foreign language if they take the appropriate language placement test and place into or above 2311. All Dual Credit courses are dependent upon enrollment and teacher availability at your high school. 

    The Dual Credit Program is for students who plan to attend college within the state of Texas.  Before taking dual credit courses, please check with the college of choice to confirm if a dual credit course you are planning to take will transfer.

    The student has the responsibility for applying online, arranging and taking required testing, meeting deadlines, and paying the appropriate fees is yours, as any college student taking a college course. It is important to remember that these courses are COLLEGE COURSES offered at the high school.     The expectation of work load and academic challenge are college level.  


    What is the Difference between AP and Dual Credit?

     Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered to students who wish to pursue college level studies while in high school. In addition to receiving high school credit, students may receive college credit ONLY if they take the AP EXAM and score a 3 or higher on the exam. AP Courses and exams do not qualify as dual credit. There is a fee to take an AP exam for college credit. Before taking an AP course, please check with the college of choice to confirm if AP courses will transfer.

      Dual Credit (DC)  is a part of the Lone Star College System’s exceptional admissions program.  The Dual Credit Program is for students who plan to attend college within the state of Texas. Before taking dual credit courses, please check with the college of choice to confirm if a dual credit course will transfer. Students can earn both high school credit and college credit simultaneously if the student qualifies and completes a dual credit course with a college “C’’ or better. Student must take a test (Compass, Accuplacer, TSI, Quick Thea, SAT, or ACT) in order qualify for the program. They must pay fees directly to Lone Star College and maintain a grade of a “C” or better in order to receive credit and remain in the program.


    Now that you have decided to enroll in Dual Credit:

    Students must meet the following requirements:

                         Currently attending high school with as a junior or senior.

                         Have approval from parent or guardian and a high school counselor

                         Student needs a 4000 or higher on English II STAAR, (for DC English & History) & Algebra 1, Level II STAAR score of  4000;

                         or SAT score of 480 (for DC Algebra, a 530) or an ACT composite score of 23, OR, 

                         PSAT score from 10th or 11th grade testing:  460 or higher on the English portion.

                         Eligible students must have a signed “Exceptional Admission Application” (available from Ms. Francis)

                         High school students must complete each college course attempted with a grade of “C” or better in order to continue

                         enrollment in current and future course.


    • How do I enroll?

    • Step 1

      See your Counselor to make the DC class selections in bridges, then see Ms. Francis in the Library

    • for your LSC Exceptional Admission form.

      Step 2

      Apply online at Lone Star College http://www.lonestar.edu.

    • (step by step directions are provided on the EA form you will receive from Ms. Francis)

      Step 3

       Find out if your STAAR scores (or PSAT, SAT or ACT) are high enough to exempt you from taking the TSI.

    How Much does this cost?

    $75.00 per Dual Credit classFee is based upon in-district tuition reduced by 100%, plus the standard $7.00 per credit hour technology fee, $2.00 per credit hour activity fee, $2.00 per credit hour general use fee, and a $12.00 registration fee.

    Note: You will not be able to pay for your classes online until you have been registered into them. Go on the Lone Star website under mylonestar, sign in, and search for an account statement.  This will indicate that the student is registered.  A bill will be sent via Lone Star College student email.

    Tuition and fees must be paid before the beginning of the semester to remain in the dual credit program

    Currently offered for the 1st semester 2020/2021 school year are English 4 for seniors, U.S. History for Juniors, 2ND semester Algebra for Seniors.