"Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve"
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


    Did you know that you NEED community service & volunteer work hours to make your COLLEGE application, SCHOLARSHIP application or RESUME stand out from the crowd?  GIVE YOURSELF THAT COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE!! Listed below are current local opportunities.  Ask at your place of worship, or the  club you belong to, for other ideas on how YOU can make a difference by volunteering.
     Best Buddies
    Volunteer with Best Buddies and help end the social, physical and economic isolation of 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Click HERE
    Making a Difference STARTS WITH YOU!
    Envision a country where every community is clean and green. Volunteerism is at the heart of KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL.
    Volunteer to do beautiful things:  End littering. Improve recycling. Beautify your community.   CLICK HERE!
     Octavia Fields Library, Humble
     Octavia Fields branch Library (behind the Humble Civic Center) is looking for high school volunteers.  This is a great location in our community for those students who don't have a car but want to earn some volunteer hours.
    The City of Humble Animal Shelter
    Always looking for caring students to donate their love and time
    to lost and abandoned animals. 
    CLICK HERE for information on where to sign up as a volunteer.
    Located downtown Houston at 3816 Caroline Street, this Museum is dedicated to preserving the history and story behind the real life Buffalo Soldiers.  Shift is Saturday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Must possess a strong work ethic, be detailed orientated, mature.  If you'd like to talk with the Volunteer coordinator, email:  Desmond@BuffaloSoldier.com.  The Volunteer Application can be accessed at this link:
     Young people + social change= Do Something = Make the world suck less.  Click on the link for over 50 unique idea on how and where to volunteer + ideas on starting your own agenda for social change.

    DO SOMETHING is one of the largest global "dot orgs" for young people and social change, 5.3 million members in 130 countries tackle volunteer campaigns that impact every cause. Poverty. Discrimination. The environment. And everything else. Our promise: Any cause, anytime, anywhere.

     AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps
    Make a difference. Gain new skills. Travel the country.   AmeriCorps National Community Corps is a full-time team-based residential service program for young adults.  For 10 months, you'll work on 4-6 projects such as engaging youth; building and rehabilitating homes for families in need, etc.  You'll be assigned to one of five campuses across the country.  You will receive room, board, healthcare, uniform and equipment; a living allowance of $4000. a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award of $5,645 to help pay for college.  Apply at
    YOU are the 'volunteer service' Generation.  Find everything you need to know to change the world on this site, created just for you, enabling YOU to make your mark on YOUR world today!  Check it out:
    Recruiting for Houston Food Bank's Student Heroes Program. A Houston food Bank student Hero must:
       Be 16 to 18 years old and in good standing
    Click on this link for a list of Volunteer Opportunities for ALL Texas State Parks!! 
    The Great Outdoors awaits you as a Volunteer at a nature center in Northeast Houston's Sheldon Lake State Park.  Help with trail building, gardening or serving as a Tour Guide for groups of visiting school children, work in the office or gift shop.  CALL NOW to register for an upcoming Volunteer Orientation 281-456-2800.
    VOLUNTEER HOUSTON features a variety of local opportunities to volunteer in the community. 
    FOR MORE INFO, call 713-965-0031. 
    9am-5pm, Mon-Fri only.
    or log on to:  www.volunteerhouston.org


    Make blankets for seriously ill pediatric cancer patients, or traumatized infants and children.  The blankets may be sewn, woven, crocheted, knitted or quilted, and of any size and color.  You can contact Project Linus for more info:  281-492-2679 or read about the joy they bring at:  www.projectlinus.org.
    Volunteer Match
    This is one of the nation's largest & most comprehensive Volunteer Organizations.  Type in the Search box what area you'd like to Volunteer in, & watch a database of opportunities open up to; some you've never thought of!!
    Wags to Whiskers of Texas

    A non-profit organization promoting and providing rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of small animals through fostering, sheltering and education. Our focus is not only on rescue, rehabilitation and adoption, but also on educating the public on responsible pet ownership, including proper care, housing and spay/neuter.  Our goal is that through responsible pet ownership, the rate of unwanted animals will decrease and fewer animals will be euthanized for the lack of a home.

    Located locally in Porter, Texas, click this link for more information on volunteering. Must be at least 16 years of age. Application online.

    Humble Area Assistance Ministries (HAAM)

    All potential volunteers need to contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Vicki Garcia at 281.446.3663 x 120 or email: vgarcia@haamministries.org. She can answer your questions, explore your interest, and review current HAAM opportunities.

    All volunteers must schedule to attend a 45 minute tour/orientation that is held on Tuesday’s at 11:00 a.m. or we can arrange a time that is convenient to your work or school schedule.


    United We Serve
     There are many ways to get involved. America's foundation will be built one community at a time - and it starts with you.
    Memorial Herman Northeast Hospital (Humble)
    • Be a student between 15 and 17 years old 
    • Parental consent
    • Be willing to work at least one three- to four-hour shift per week
      • Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
      • Weekend shifts available upon completion of 50 hours
    • Application, interview and orientation procedures
    • Participate in four community service events per year
    • Willingness to follow uniform dress code
    • Friendly and positive attitude
    • Adhere to rules and regulations
    • Willingness to have patient contact
    • Sensitivity to the need of others
    • Ability to act quickly and calmly; coping effectively with unusual situations and demands

    For an application or more information on the Volunteer program please contact Nancy Allen at 281-540-7809.

    Federal Employment Information Fact Sheets
    United States Office of Personnel Management


    Have you ever applied for a job and been told that they are looking for people with "experience"?
    Have you ever wondered what it is really like to work in a particular career field? Have you ever been curious about how the Federal Government works?
    If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions, Volunteer Service may be right for you. Below is a general description of Volunteer Service and the Student Volunteer Service.
    VOLUNTEER SERVICE (including Student Volunteer Service):
    Generally speaking, Federal agencies are prohibited by law (section 1342 of title 31, United States Code) from accepting volunteer service. No person may provide unpaid service to the Government or provide service with the understanding that he or she will waive pay. Exceptions to this prohibition are provided only for:
    (1) employment in emergencies involving the protection of life or property;
    (2) employment of assistants to handicapped employees;
    (3) employment of experts and consultants; and
    (4) employment of students to further their educational goals (see below).
    In addition, some Federal agencies, such as the National Park Service and the Forest Service, have specific authorities to accept unpaid services for specific jobs or functions. Individuals who are interested in volunteering their services to the Federal Government should contact the agency of most interest to inquire about specific opportunities.

    Federal agencies and departments offer unpaid training opportunities to students in high school and college. These opportunities provide work experience related to your academic program. The program allows you to explore career options as well as develop your personal and professional skills. As a student volunteer, you will be exposed to the Federal work environment and will learn about the missions and responsibilities of various Federal agencies and departments.

    Student Volunteer Service can enrich your future. Some of the benefits include:
    • Career exploration early in your academic studies.
    • Exposure to new and emerging occupations and professions.
    • Academic credit for the work you perform. (This is determined by your academic
    • Work experience which will enhance your ability to obtain paying jobs in the future.


    You are eligible to participate as a Student Volunteer if you are enrolled, at least half-time, in:
    • an accredited high school or trade school;
    • a technical or vocational school;
    • a junior or community college;
    • a four-year college or university; or
    • any other accredited educational institution.

    Student volunteers are involved in professional projects and work activities related to their
    academic studies. These activities run the gamut from developing computer skills to policy or research oriented projects involving such diverse topics as wildlife initiatives, environmental concerns, and congressional issues. Depending upon the employing Federal agency or department and the student's academic pursuits, student volunteer assignments will differ, but all promise to be stimulating and rewarding.
    We recommend that student volunteers develop a work agreement in collaboration with their
    school and host Federal agency. The agreement should outline the responsibilities of each partner.
    It may also identify the type(s) of assignment(s) and the conditions under which you will work.

    Most student volunteers will work for a Federal agency or department for three to four months.
    Your work may be performed during the school year and/or during summer or school vacation periods. The nature of your volunteer assignment as well as your weekly work schedule should be part of your work agreement.

    If you are interested in becoming a student volunteer with the Federal Government:
    • Contact the Personnel Office at the Federal agency or department for which you wish to
    work. The Departments of Defense (Army, Air Force and Navy), Commerce, Health and
    Human Services, Interior, Justice, State, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs have utilized the
    largest number of student volunteers. Telephone numbers for Federal agencies can be
    found in your telephone directory under "U.S. Government."
    • Visit your school's guidance office, career counseling, placement, or internship office for
    further information.

    Thank you for your interest in the Federal Government.
    Hiring and advancement in the Federal Government are based upon qualifications and performance regardless of your race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, national origin, or disability.

    Some suggestions on starting your own 'drives' for various items needed by many of our local charities:

    Village Learning & Achievement Center provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities.  281-358-6172.  Located at 3819 Plum Valley Drive, Kingwood.  They are in need of cookbooks, pots, pans, curtains & artwork to stock their residential apartments.  They also are in need of:  games for all ages, DVD's, 3 ring binders & general office supplies.
    Family Promise of Lake Houston.  email:  presidentfplh@live.com.  They help homeless families get back on their feet.  They are in need of household goods, monetary donations, volunteers.  If you decide to make this your community service, email the president of the organization first, introduce yourself and they can let you know where to drop off the donations you collect.
    Pals for Pooches provides abused and abandoned canines with medical care, shelter & placement.  They are in great need of dog food donations.  If you would like to volunteer to collect the food and deliver it to them, please call 281-548-7166 to ask where to drop off all your donations.
    Volunteers for Animal Protection is a no-kill shelter that takes in unwanted and abused dogs & cats. They are in need of dog food/treats, cat food/treats, dog & cat toys, dog crates/blankets, cat litter.  You can also volunteer with them.  Contact Tammy at 816-682-4375.

    Helpful Hints for Volunteering

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    • Be realistic and clear about the amount of time you can commit. It is easier to start small and increase your commitment than to have to back out because your schedule is overwhelming.
    • Visit the organization you are interested in before committing yourself. Get a sense of the staff and clients you will be working with and a feel for the overall environment.
    • Ask for a job description of your volunteer work. It helps you decide if the work is an appropriate fit for you, and it provides a set of standards or expectations when you do volunteer. You don’t want to set aside time to work at an agency only to arrive and find there is nothing to do. A job description goes a long way towards avoiding problems.
    • Ask about training and supervision. If an organization is asking you to perform a task, they should provide the support necessary for you to be successful.
    • Volunteering is an opportunity for personal growth. Request an evaluation of the work you have performed, or a letter of recommendation should you decide to list your volunteer service on a school or job application.
    • Enthusiasm is the key. If you are not excited about the program, chances are you are not going to be thrilled giving you time to go there. Choose a volunteer opportunity that enhances a hobby, skill, or personal interest.
    • Try to select an agency that is close to home or school. The more convenient it is for you to get there, the greater likelihood that you will keep going.
    • Go for it. Giving back to your community is something that everybody can do. You don’t need any special diploma or certificate to volunteer. You only need a willingness to get out there in the community and make a positive impact.