• What are prerequisites for being an IB student in grade 11 at HHS? 

    Humble High School has an application process for the Diploma Program Candidates. In order for students to prepare for 11th and 12th grade IB courses, students are encouraged to enroll in the most rigorous curriculum available at the appropriate grade levels. 

    There will be courses in some instances that must have been taken to be prepared for selected IB courses. Each diploma candidate will sit with the IB Coordinator in the 10th grade to plan a full diploma program for the 11th and 12th grades. Students in the 9th and 10th grades interested in the IB Program should take as many graduation requirements as possible to free time in the 11th and 12th grades to meet all of the diploma requirements. 

    Will this program be available only to top students? 

    All students are encouraged to apply for the IB Diploma Program. In fact, we believe that most of our students can obtain an IB diploma if they can devote the time in addition to their involvement in a wide variety of school and community activities. 

    What are the requirements to obtain an IB diploma? 

    Students can take a variety of paths to obtain the diploma. The IB Diploma Coordinator, will work with counselors to help each interested student plan their path. Diploma students will take external and internal exams in six subject areas. Internal exams are scored by HHS teachers, while external exams are scored by IB teachers from around the world.

    In addition to meeting the requirements of the six core subject areas, students must also meet the requirements at the center of the IB Diploma Program Model: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, and Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS).   

    Do all students in an IB program generally earn the IB Diploma? 

    Around the world, approximately eighty percent of the students who participate in the IB Diploma Program earn the IB Diploma. In the USA, specifically its public schools, the rate is 50-60%. Those who do not earn the diploma may receive certificates for IB courses successfully completed. On average, at Humble High School, students earn 15-18 college credits. 

    How do students benefit from obtaining an IB diploma? 

    The intellectual rigor and high academic standards will prepare students for higher education and assist them in the college admissions process. Most importantly, students will gain a much deeper understanding of international affairs and diverse cultures. Additionally, colleges and universities see the program as a rigorous college preparatory program that expands students' understanding of international affairs. IB students are desirable candidates for college admission and have a higher acceptance rate to top universities. 

    Are there differences between IB and AP courses? 

    The requirements listed above-that students take courses from across the broad curriculum and that they complete the three core components-distinguish the IB Diploma Program from a collection of individual AP courses. However, the two programs do not necessarily conflict with one another and, in many cases, students can satisfy the requirements of both programs in the same course, and sit for both exams if they elect.

    Students will experience courses conforming to international standards across the broad curriculum. The courses and the core components will ensure that these students are well prepared regardless of where they decide to go to college, what they decide to study, and what they choose to do with their lives. Many colleges grant college credit (similar to AP credit). Diploma candidates often have advantages in competing for college admission and scholarships; many colleges, in fact, go so far as to grant sophomore status for incoming IB Diploma recipients.
    How much college credit will I earn from the IB Diploma Program? 
    The answer to this is dependent upon several factors. One factor is the score earned on each HL/SL exam. Another factor is what university are you attending. Some universities only offer credit if the Diploma is achieved, while others grant credit based on the scores of individual exams.
    The IBO maintains a directory of information from universities that have notified them of their policies for recognizing the IB Diploma. There are currently 2545 universities from 75 countries in their directory, but many other universities also admit IB Diploma holders. Please always check with the university directly. To search IB policies for specific universities click here! 

    For additional questions, please contact Rene Lane at 281-641-6541 or slane@humbleisd.net