•    Every year, your student-athlete is required to have a physical on file with AHS athletic trainers.  If you do not have a physical already, you can get a physical form from the trainer on campus.

       Once again, compliance paperwork is to be completed in Rank One sports. The sooner that you and your future soccer player are able to complete the online forms, the sooner he will be able to practice.  
       All documents are found at the link below.  Potential soccer players MUST be cleared (barring any pending medical testing as determined by your physician) by August 19, 2019 to be eligible to remain in the soccer class for this year. 
       Follow the link below and complete all forms.  It is not necessary to create an account with the system, but you may find it advantageous. Thank you for your prompt attention to this. 
Atascocita Soccer Crest