Stefanie Adkins
    Grade: Fourth
    Subject: Math/Science
    Room Number: 402
    Email Address: stefanie.adkins@humbleisd.net
    Twitter: @MsAdkins4th_dwe
    Tutoring is by invitation only. 

    Math is a Blast!!!!! 

    About Me: 
    Welcome to my classroom.  I have been teaching for 25 years and still enjoy it everyday!  My family and I reside in Kingwood and my children, Jordan and Peyton, attend college.  Jordan is at UNT as a senior and Peyton is at Texas Tech as a junior.  I enjoy reading, crafting and working on household projects with my husband of 27 years, Jim.  Boy, how time flies!  I look forward to getting to know all my students and their parents.  I know this year is going to be spectacular!  

    4th Grade Math TEKS I Can Statements 

    4.1A I can read, write and compare whole numbers
    4.1B I can read, write, and compare decimals
    4.2A I can create fractions that are equal to each other
    4.2B I can create mixed numbers
    4.2C I can compare and order fractions
    4.2D I can choose a fraction and a decimal that are equal to each other
    4.3A I can find sums and differences
    4.3B I can add and subtract decimals
    4.4B I can write multiplication and division problems with numbers
    4.4C I can remember and use multiplication facts
    4.4D I can multiply 2-digit by 2-digit
    4.4E I can divide 4-digit by 1-digit
    4.5A I can round numbers up to the thousand’s place
    4.5B I can estimate to help solve multiplication and division problems
    .6A I can use patterns to remember facts
    4.6B I can use patterns to multiply by 10
    4.7A I can identify patterns in a table
    4.8A I can identify and describe right, acute, and obtuse angles
    4.8B I can identify and describe parallel, intersecting, and perpendicular lines
    4.8C I can describe two dimensional geometric figures
    4.10A I can locate and name numbers on a number line
    4.11A I can solve problems involving measurement
    4.11B I can convert between customary units
    4.11E I can tell the difference between weight and mass
    4.12A I can read a thermometer and see changes
    4.12B I can solve problems with elapsed time


    Adkins 4th Grade Schedule 


    7:30-7:55 Unpack/Morning Work/Announcements

    7:55-8:10 Community

    8:10-8:25 Calendar Math/Cursive Writing

    8:25-8:55 Block 1 (part 1) Science 

    8:55-9:50 Specials

    9:50-10:00 Snack

    10:00-11:15 Block 1 Math 

    11:15-11:45 Lunch

    11:45-12:15 Recess

    12:15-12:45 Block 1 Math

    12:50 Switch

    12:55-1:25 Block 2 Science

    1:25-3:05 Block 2 Math

    3:05 Switch/Pack Up

    3:10 Head to dismissal 

    3:20 Dismissal