• Frequently Asked Questions


    1) Q:  What do I do if I have lost my computer login and password?

    A: Check with your house secretary.

    2) Q:  How many books can I check out at a time?

    A:  Students may check out five books at a time, unless the books are being used by several classes for a research assignment. 

    3) Q:  How long may I keep a book that I have checked out?

    A:  Books are checked out for two weeks.  We are happy to renew them. 

    4) Q: What is the fine for late books?

    A: Our fine is 10 cents a day.  The maximum fine that we charge is $5.00.

    5) Q: How will I know if I have a fine?

    A: Overdue notices are sent out each semester.  You may always stop by to check your fine or use Destiny Quest to see your fines.  Please see us ASAP so that the fine can be cleared. 

    6) Q: Can I check out magazines?

    A: Absolutely!  The current magazines however, are kept in the library for everyone to read.

    7) Q: Is there a charge for printing?

    A: Yes there is.  Photocopies are 25 cents a page.  Black and white print-outs from the computer are also 25 cents a page.  Color copies are 50 cents a page.  Please pay for copies at the circulation desk.

    8) Q: What if I don't have any money and my research projects are due?

    A:  We want you to get your work in on time.  We are happy to give you and I.O.U. for the print-outs or copies.  Pay us at your earliest convenience.

    9) Q: Do you sell any supplies in the library?

    A: Yes, we do!  You may buy posterboards, blank CD's, glue, pens, project covers, construction paper, presentation folders, pocket folders with brads, and index cards.  Most supplies are under $1.00.

    10) Q: May I use the library before and after school?

    A: Yes you may.  We are open from 6:45 am until 3:00 pm.

    11) Q: Am I allowed to come to the library during lunch?

    A: Yes you are.  Let the principals on duty know where you are going and be sure to scan your ID as you enter the library. 

    12) Q:  Am I allowed to eat or drink in the library?

    A:  No, food and drinks are not allowed in the library.