Principles and Elements of Floral Design


    This course is part of the Plant Systems pathway in the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource Systems cluster of courses.  It is designed as an introduction to floral design and the floral industry.
    There is a $25 lab fee for materials for this course.

    This course is 1 credit (year long) and is offered as a Fine Arts credit
    It is also possible to earn a certification in Floral Design, with testing and a state mandated fee.
    Earn a Floral Design industry certification!!!
    Check out www.tsfa.org and click on "High School Certification" for the details.  We will all travel to College Station in the spring for the testing and if you are interested in a scholarship for the $100 testing fee, complete the application and mail by February 10th, 2013.  Scholarship applications were handed out Dec. 7th in class.
    *There is a power point guide for the practical test and we'll cover the written test in class. Certification Exam Review
    Study the Cut Flower/Foliage Power Point Cut Flowers and Foliage

      The following files are for the instructor and do not currently apply to students.
    6th Six Weeks Floral Business Project Links:
    Part One Rubric
    Part Two Example
    Presentation Rubric
    Part One Requirements
    Part Two Requirements

    The project (part one and written aspects of part two) MUST be turned in inside a folder with brads.  Punch holes in the work and place in the brads with the Part One Requirements and Part Two Requirements in the front pocket opposite the cover page.

    The completed project (all aspects) are due no later than the day of the final exam.  All students must complete the project as part of the 6th six weeks.  Anyone exempting is only exempting the presentation of the project.


    -bring instruction sheet to class on Tuesday, February 21st-class will go to computer lab to complete project. *It is recommended that you do some/all of the research for pricing and item requirements BEFORE Tuesday and bring that information with you.  The following links may be helpful:
    Wholesale Floral Prices
    Excel Spreadsheet Example Format