Mrs. Wehrman

  • Animation, Video Game Design & Esports


  • 1st:  Video Game Design Rm 1730
    2nd: Animation Rm 1730
    3rd: Animation Rm 1730
    4th: Advanced Animation Rm 1730
    5th: Advanced Animation Rm 1730
    6th: Conference period
    7th: Webmaster duties


  • Monday, Tuesday & Friday at 7 am.
    Thursday at 9 am.
    Tuesday from 2:45 - 3:15.
    Subject to change due to duty or faculty meeting. I will also make appointments when needed after school.
Mrs. Wehrman
  • Ann Wehrman
    Career and Technology Education
    Room 1730 

Class Fee

Classroom Expectations

  • Phones and headphones that are attached to the phone must be put away as soon as the bell rings.
    Be on time and ready for class
    Be productive, get things accomplished - be diligent

    Written assignments should have correct spelling and grammar, including capitalizing proper nouns.

    Use the computer for class purposes only

    If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all

    Be respectful of yourself, others and property (this rule is further explained below)

      • There shall be no Snapchatting, text messaging or other phone stuff during class. You may choose to animate or meditate, but no phones during class!
      • Your instructor will NEVER want you to spit your gum into her hand. Don't do it!
      • Do not light yourself or others on fire
      • Do not strangle classmates with a mouse cord
      • Do not spit water out of your nostrils, forming designs on the floor or furniture (DNA clause)
      • Do not throw stuff in the classroom. 
      • Do not put wire into the socket of a power strip (scissors won't help).
      • Do not remove your toenails from your feet in class, especially do not throw them at other students, aiming for their mouths. (DNA clause)
      • Sunflower seeds are specifically banned. (DNA clause)
      • Potty Pass Protocol must be followed or potty privileges will be revoked
      • There shall be no touching of classmates. Students must keep their hands to themselves.
Last Modified on August 22, 2019