• AHS Service Learning


    Many AHS Clubs and Advisory Classes take on Service Projects

    Classes that offer annual service-learning projects as part of the classroom curriculum include:

    Spanish II - The Childrens Book Project

    Dance - The Dance Unit for Elementary PE Students

    Journalism - The Gumbo Cook-Off for Charity

    AVID - The Middle School Leadership Conference

    SOAR - The AHS Book Club reads to elementary students to share their love of literature

    AIR Time - Advisory classes teach the AHS Habit of Service to the Common Good and complete community service projects year round like helping HAAM with their Empty Stocking Toy Drive

    See the AHS Student Council Website to see all the service projects this organization sponsors and get involved!

    Scrapbook Highlights:

    AHS Latin Service-Learning Project

    Ten Latin students went to AMS for the first Service-Learning Project completed by a group at AHS. Latin Teacher Shawn Jennings said, "I collaborated with Kathleen McGrane who teaches the Exploratory Languages class at AMS.  She was concluding her unit on Latin.  Our students will taught the middle school students some famous Latin phrases and some fun Latin phrases.  They will also gave a mini lesson on how Latin is still used today and how so many English words are derived from Latin.  We will also enjoyed sampling some Roman and Greek food."

    Project Follow-up: Our Service Learning Project was close to perfect!  Our AHS Latin students are truly awesome.  I LOVE standing at the back of the room and just watching them Go!  Mrs. McGrane, the Exploratory Language Teacher at AMS, said that our group was one of the best student groups she has ever seen.  Our Latin kids really new their stuff and interacted fabulously with the 7th and 8th graders. We taught them Latin words and phrases, did a short history lesson on Julius Caesar, gave a short presentation on the mythology and Latin derivatives and phrases used in the Harry Potter series, and taught them about Roman food while they ate a Greco/Roman snack.  It all took place in only an hour and 10 minutes!  As we left, several 7th and 8th graders proclaimed, "You Latin People Rock!" Our kids felt great afterwards, which, in my opinion, is what it's really all about. :) Thanks to all of you for granting permission, and really making this kind of learning a priority at our school.  This is the Authentic Learning we are seeking. It felt so good to watch and hear my students answering questions and giving examples using information I taught them a year or even two years ago.  How gratifying to know they KNOW it!
    -Shawn Jennings

    AHS Service-Learning Projects Scheduled for 2009 -2010

    1. Librarian's SOAR group - take high school students to read to elementary students -They will provide info on how many in their high school group are economically disadvantaged.
    2. Dance Classes- take high school dance students to teach a dance unit to elementary PE students - no funding needed - dance team boosters cover cost.
    3. Student Service-Learning Board - Cathy Berger-Kaye Workshop on Oct. 27 and Teen Summit in January.
    4. STUCO class - Race for the Cure,  $100 donations to 2 AHS families in need, and car wash to raise funds for school defribulators.
    5. School Beautification Day - 10/24 - school groups to pick up trash and recycle and plant a garden.
    6. Health Occupations Class - School-wide blood drive in Oct.
    7. French Classes - Pink Week - raising funds for breast cancer research. .
    8. 9th Grade Math  - teach younger students to use graphing calculators.
    9. Energy and Environment student committee recycling plastic water bottles to make spirit shakers that are handed out at all sports events.  They are also recycling at our school carnival 10/10 and other big school events.
    10. Social Action - poverty awareness trip - homeless in Waco
    11. AIR Time Classes - Empy Stocking Toy Drive for HAAM
    12.   Student Service-Learning Board & Best Buddies Club working to get Special Olympics added to AHS extra-curricular opportunities.

Last Modified on June 22, 2010