• The AHS advisory program will help personalize each student's high school experience and offer social, emotional and academic guideance.
    AHS Advisory Program:


    AIR Time

    Academics, Interests & Relationships

    To best personalize for our AHS Students, they will attend an advisory program for 30 minutes twice a week.
    AIR Time has an academic focus where students will engage in weekly planning, academic goal setting, grade counseling, student-led conferences and portfolio development. Interventions and tutoring may also be put in place to ensure academic success.

    AIR Time  will focus on guiding AHS students to grow emotionally where they partake in small group discussions pertaining to topics of high interest to teens. They will also engage in personal goal setting and self awareness activities. Life skills, character education, safety issues and health awareness will be some of the topics explored.

    AIR Time will serve as a way to insure that all our students are connected to AHS in an authentic and meaningful way. Each student will select a club or organization and attend meetings during the advisory period.  Student input will be used to form clubs and organizations that serve their needs.

    AIR Time will have a social focus where students attend school-wide celebrations, engage in team building activities, and play games. Students will also be given opportunities to be involved in teen leadership trainings and actively participate in a student democracy called the Eagle Forum.

Last Modified on June 22, 2010