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    The Dual Credit program is part of the Lone Star College System’s exceptional admissions program. It is especially designed for junior and senior secondary education students. Those who qualify can earn high school and college credit.   Both high school and college credit are awarded upon successful completion of the course.

    Before taking dual credit courses, please check with the university of choice to confirm if a dual credit course you are planning to take will transfer.   

    All Dual Credit courses are dependent upon enrollment and teacher availability.




     Important Deadlines   2019-2020

    • Submit qualifying TSI testing scores to Mrs. Deleon  - April 18, 2019

    • Deadline to submit summer dual credit course request - April 18, 2019 

    • Final deadline to submit forms for the Dual Credit Program 2019-2020- May 3, 2019 

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  •  AHS Dual Credit Courses for 2019-2020 School Year

    • English 4 H Dual (ENGL 1301/1302)
    • Biology Dual (BIOL 1406)
    • Anatomy & Physiology Dual (BIOL 2401)

TSI Registration

TSI Online Test and Review


    Benefits of Dual Credit
    • Cost is significantly less.

    • College Degree completion in less time. Summer and Night Courses are available

    • Increased self-confidence from college success.

    • Access to college services including library, free tutoring, campus events, free email account and more.

    • Ease the transition into college

    • Development of good college study habits.

    • Convenience of most dual credit courses taught at the high school during the regular day schedule.

    •   Additional savings in transportation, living, and textbooks costs.

    •  “Sophomore standing” may be granted to junior colleges/4-year institutions; however, confirm your standing with the institution you plan to attend.



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  • Requirements for Dual Credit

     To enroll students must meet the following requirements:


    • Currently attending high school and is classified as a junior or senior.
    • Have approval from parent/guardian and a high school counselor
    • Eligible students must have a signed “Exceptional Admission Application” on file with the high school and college.
    • The student has taken an approved test assessment: TSI, STAAR, ACT,PSAT or SAT in   
      areas of reading, writing, essay, and math;   or exempt scores based on  
      ***See Lone Star College Website for further test assessment details***
    • Additional testing may be required for Math, Science, and higher level courses.
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    What you need to know

    • Grades in dual credit classes become a permanent part of your college record.
    • Courses are taught at AHS during the regular school day.  Students do not need to travel to the college.
    • Maintain a college grade of “C” or better to remain in the program.
    • Compare the college and high school course calendars. They are not always the same.
    •  Payment must be made to Lone Star College  by the due date or courses will be dropped. 
    • Withdrawal from a dual credit course requires notification of your high school and completion of the necessary paper work. The college calendar has drop dates that are essential for dropping a course without a grade and dropping with a “W”.
    • Credit Transfer— Courses may not transfer to all universities. Please verify if courses will transfer to college of choice:   www.lonestar.edu/university-transfer-guide.htm
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  • LSc Kingwood

     LSC- How to Documents

    Texas Course Compatibility College Course Transfer Guide



    Lone Star College Course Catalog

    Here is the link to LSC Course Catalog.  Under Table of Contents, then Description of Courses, you can find descriptions of courses, the amount of credit a course is, and any pre requisites that are required.


    Map of Lone Star College -Kingwood

    To get a map of the college, please click on the following link: http://www.lonestar.edu/maps-kingwood.htm

     What does it Cost:

    # of Credit          LSC In Dual                 Compare to Local
        hours            District Fees          TX Res. 4 Yr.  College

            3                 $  73.00                               $  1,580.00

            4                 $  93.00                               $  1,945.00

     Additional Course Fees may apply.

    Online Courses cost an additional fee of $15 per hour.

    Fees and cost are based from January of 2019

    Note: You will not be able to pay for your classes online until you have been registered for the course. Students can go to their mylonestar account to verify if he/she is registered for a fall or spring course.  A bill will be sent via Lone Star College student email account.

    Tuition and fees must be paid before the beginning of the semester to remain in the dual credit program. Some courses are paid for the whole year, and s me are paid each semester.



     Dual Credit 2019-2020 School Year

     Fall/Spring 2019-2020 Registration 

    Registration for Fall/Spring at Lone Star College needs to be completed by the end of the current high school year (May 2019).

    Official Dates for Semester Fall 2019
    September 9, 2019   Official Day - Last day to drop a course without a grade

    November 11, 2019    W date - Last day to drop and receive a "W" - Semester Classes

    Official Dates for Semester Spring 2019
     January 27, 2020       Official Day - Last day to drop a course without a grade
    April 1, 2020             "W" date - Last day to drop a course with a "W".
    Official Dates for Year Long Courses
    September 6, 2019   Official Day - Last day to drop a course without a grade
    February 5, 2020      W date - Last day to drop and receive a "W" - Year Long Classes


    How to drop a Dual Credit Class

    Please be aware of drop dates and the Lone Star Withdrawal Policy as dropping a course will affect a student's college transcript. It is the student's responsibility to notify both AHS and Lone Star College if a student should decide to drop a dual credit course. A student must complete both step 1 and step 2 in order to be officially dropped from a dual credit course.

    Step1 -  A student should request a drop form from course teacher.

    Step 2 - Student should take drop form to their AHS House Counselor to drop a dual credit course.

    Step 3 -  Counselor will notify Dual Credit Liaison to notify Lone Star College.  Student can also see
                  Mrs.DeLeon in the register's office room 1007A after student has meet with counselor so that 
                  a drop form can be completed and kept on file.


  • Contact Information 


    AHS—Dual Credit Liaison—Mrs. DeLeon

    Ph: 281-641-7770

    Email: zinnia.deleon@humbleisd.net


    AHS Counselors

     Ph: 281-641-7500


    LSC—Dual Credit Specialist—Anthony "Toni" Seiter


    Email: anthony.j.seiter@lonestar.edu


     LSC Kingwood Testing Center               

     Ph:  281-312-1524



    LSC Counseling / AdvisingServices                                  

    Ph: 281-312-1613



    LSC Information Ph: 281-312-1600             

    Business Office     Ph: 281-312-1581


    LSC Help with Mylonestar Account     

    Ph: 832-813-6600

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