• Homework Reminders:
    Speech practice is like riding a bike.  Practice, practice, practice and once you get it, it is automatic!!!!!
    Our expectation is to practice saying homework speech sounds every day for 10 minutes. 
    Speech Practice Leveling:
    1. sound only
    2. word level
    3. phrase level (short sentence repeated)
    4. sentence level (novel sentences)
    5. reading level
    6. conversation
    Levels are progressive.  Students typically move up levels when they have mastered the previous level for 2-3 sessions.

    Speech Homework :

    1. Say your speech sound 10 times in isolation to warm up.

    2. Pick one activity below every day to practice your sounds.


    Speech Activities

    Pick 5 cards.  Write a poem using the 5 words.  Say your poem 5 times.

    Pick 3 cards.  Draw a picture or write a sentence using the 3 words.  Say the words or sentence 5 times.

    Use your cards.  Play “I’m going on a picnic” using your card words.

    Find all the words in your reading book that start with your sound.  Say that word correctly 5 times.  Now read the book out loud (or at least 10 pages)

    Play Memory with your cards.

    Play Go Fish with your cards.

    Play a game on the computer and say your words at least 5 times each.

    Find 15 items in your house that start with your sound and say each word 5 times.

    Scatter your cards on the floor and hop on each card one at a time.  Say the word 5 times.

    Number your cards.  Play War.  Say the word on the card as you play.

    Have your parent, brother, or sister hide your cards.  Say the words as you find them.

    Cut out cards & say each word 5 times.

    Color your cards.  Say the word 5 times while you color it.