• Arrival and Dismissal Information
    Arrival-School begins at 7:55 a.m. There is no supervision for students prior to 7:15 a.m.
    Dismissal-School is released at 3:20 p.m. Carpool signs are required for dismissal for all car riders and are available in the front office.
    Please review and discuss the following information with your children. These are areas of safety you can help us with and be in support of so that we can maintain the level of safety at Deerwood that your children deserve. 



    Traffic Pattern for Car Riders



    Car Riders






    Car Rider: If a child is put directly into a vehicle by a staff member or an ambassador, they are defined as a car rider. Car riders are dismissed only through the circular front drive or the cafeteria side of the school as defined by the dismissal map. Parents remain in their cars.


    Front Car

         Please follow the arrival/dismissal procedures as indicated above on the map. Foster's Mill, Sand Creek I and IV, Kings Crossing Apartments, Kings Cove Apartments, Harbor Cove Apartments, Harbor View Apartments, and Kings Lakes Estates children will use the circular drive in front of the school, single lane only. From Forest Garden Drive turn into front circular drive. Exit left onto Forest Garden Drive.


    Cafeteria Side

        Sand Creek II, III, V, and VI car riders will use the cafeteria side of the school. Parents are asked to come down Forest Garden Drive from the Four Pines Drive direction, making a left to enter the side parking lot. Then exit the parking lot by making a right only turn as this will keep the traffic moving and help all to get home quickly. Signs are posted to clarify correct procedures. From 3:00-3:30 - there is no right turn into the side parking lot from Forest Garden.



    Car Rider Reminders
    • Follow posted speed limits, both in the school zone and neighboring streets. Please drive even more slowly and with extreme caution once you have entered the school's driveways and parking lot.
    • Do not park on the street and ask your child to walk to your car for dismissal. This is dangerous and causes more congestion on the street.
    • For the safety of your child, please do not ask him/her to meet you at a dismissal location other than the two designated areas. Car riders must remain under the supervision of school personnel until picked up by a parent or approved persons on emergency cards.
    • Please be sure all doors are closed and ambassadors or adults have stepped away from the curb before leaving the area.

    • Students should never exit a vehicle in the parking lot and walk unattended into the school.



    Traffic Pattern for Walkers





    Walker: A walker is a student who walks home or to another location to meet their parents. A walker is also a student who is met by their parents and walked to a car. Walkers are dismissed to the hard-top area in the back of the school. All parents should meet their student(s) at this location if you are walking to a parked car or home.


    • Students and parents should not walk between cars and buses to get to parked cars.
    • Parents may not walk up into the car rider dismissal areas to retrieve their children to walk to a parked car located on the street or in the faculty parking lot.
    • The map is designed to keep pedestrians from entering unsafe moving traffic.