spanish club
  • BIENVENIDOS! Welcome to the Spanish Club!

     The Spanish club was founded in September 2011 under its sponsor, Mrs. Escobar, and since then has been very popular with Spanish-speaking and non-Spanish-speaking students.

    Spanish clubs enable students to learn about the Spanish language, culture, and history outside the classroom. Their purpose is to further the members' love of the Spanish language and introduce them to different aspects of the Hispanic culture through food, arts, and entertainment.

    Promotes Diversity and Global Awareness!

    Spanish club teaches their students about different ways of life all around the globe. An added benefit is that kids also learn to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds better. By joining the Spanish club, students can celebrate Hispanic holidays, learn about different customs, and experience Spanish-speaking countries' food, music, and art.

    A Spanish club enables children to learn Spanish outside the classroom—from field trips to dance lessons. There are hundreds of exciting activities that Spanish clubs participate in every year.

     Join us at the Spanish Club!