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    Instructor:    Mr. Staggs

    Telephone Number:   281-641-6000

    Email Address:   sstaggs@humbleisd.net  

    Grade Level:      6th, 7th, 8th Grade Social Studies

    Welcome to this RSMS Teacher Webpage. The goal for every staff member here at Ross Sterling, is to help provide opportunities for the students to improve upon their growth and development.  My name is Mr. Staggs and I am presently one of several Social Studies Instructors.  I began teaching on the RSMS Campus several years ago and have taught at various times in the areas of Social Studies, Math, Science and RELA. I want to say thank you to the parents and guardians of our students for the absolute privilege and opportunity to work with your children.  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions at anytime, please contact us and we will do our best to assist! 


    Mr. Staggs 


    Class Schedule

    1st - Conference

    2nd - 6th - World Cultures # 113

    3rd - 6th - World Cultures # 113  

    4th - 7th - Texas History # T-7  

    5th - 8th - US History # 603

    6th - 7th - Texas History T-7  

    7th - 8th - US History # 603  

    8th - Common Planning

    ADV - 8th - Bearcat Chat 


    Tutoring is available on Wednesday.  
    Schedule tutoring for any day in advance (preferably 2 days).