• What you can expect...

    I am pleased to share that I have been in education for almost 15 years and I have experience teaching children from 2nd-12th grade!  I have been with the BBE family for more than 12 years and I love my role as the ELT or Extended Learning Teacher.  I live in Kingwood with my husband and our two kids both attended BBE.  Our daughter will be a sjunior this Fall at Texas A&M University and our son will be a freshman at The University of Texas, Austin.

    Husband and I live in Kingwood with our sweet little dog Lexi. She's four years old and she is a cross between a Pomerarian and a long-hair Chihuahua  and we adopted her from a rescue center.  She's certainly 6.5 pounds of fierceness and we LOVE having her as a part of our family.

    Our entire campus approaches the 2019-20 school year with the notion that our primary responsbility is teach the state standards with 21st century skills in mind.  We are truly committed to embracing all of the best educational practices which incorporate technology throughout the learning objectives. However, we are ever mindful of the integral partnership that must be maintained with our kids and their families.  Reach out and get involved! Please check with our BBE family regularly about the excitment of BBE!

     Mrs. Rasmussen         Sweet Hannah and her roomie  

    Mrs. Rasmussen