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    Welcome to 2018 Riverwood Football  
    Use of persoonal Helmet
    Athletes who wish to purchase and use their own helmet MUST sign a waiver releasing Humble ISD from liability of any injuries related to use of the helmet. Waivers must be completed and turned in to Coach Bransom.
    Download waiver:  Football Helmet Waiver
    Helmets MUST be all white with a black facemask. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    Athletes may also buy their own white football pants to use in practice/games. Pants MUST be all white.
    Players may also use a padded girdle for pants pads. Knee pads must be worn.
    If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail Coach Bransom..


    2019 RMS Football Schedule


    2019 7th Grade Football Student Travel Release


    2019 8th Grade Football Student Travel Release


    2019 7th Grade
     Date  Day  Home Visitor  Location  Times C,B,A
    Sept. 3 Tue. Creekwood Riverwood KHS 5:15/6:30/7:45
    Sept. 9 Mon. Riverwood Woodridge Forest KHs 5:15/6:30/7:45
    Sept. 16 Mon. Timberwood Riverwood Turner 5:15/6:30/7:45
    Sept. 23 Mon. Riverwood Atascocita KHS 5:15/6:30/7:45
    Sept. 30 Mon. Woodcreek Riverwood SCHS 5:15/6:30/7:45
    Oct. 7 Mon. Riverwood New Caney  KHS 5:15/6:30/7:45
    Oct. 14 Mon Humble Riverwood Charles St. 5:15/6:30/7:45
    Oct. 21 Mon. West Lake Rivewood SCHs 5:15/6:30/7:45
    Oct. 28 Mon. Championship Game   TBA 5:15/6:30/7:45

    2019 8th Grade
     Date Day Home Visitor Location Times C,B,A
    Sept. 4 Wed. Riverwood Creekwood Turner Stadium 5:15/6:30/7:45
    Sept. 10 Tue Wooddridge Forest Riverwood WFMS 5:15/6:30/7:45
    Sept. 17 Tue. Riverwood Timberwood KHS 5:15/6:30/7:45
    Sept. 24 Tue. Atascocita Riverwood Turner 5:15/6:30/7:45
    Oct. 1 Tue. Riverwood Woodcreek KHS 5:15/6:30/7:45
    Oct. 8 Tue New Caney Riverwood Don Ford Stadium 5:15/6:30/7:45
    Oct. 15 Tue. Riverwood Humble KHS 5:15/6:30/7:45
    Oct. 22 Tue. Riverwood West Lake KHS 5:15/6:30/7:45
    Oct. 29 Tue Championship Game   TBA 5:15/6:30/7:45