Conducting Research in HUMBLE ISD

  • Humble ISD encourages quality external research efforts, especially in areas that will enhance its educational outcomes and practices. The application process was developed in order to:

    • coordinate new research projects with ongoing district research and evaluation,
    • protect district staff and students from unnecessary data collection,
    • consider project requests in light of federal and state privacy laws, and
    • ensure that projects are of significance to the district and to the field of education in general.

    Existing Report

    Information about an Open Records Request

    Individual Classroom Improvement Research
    This toolkit provides teachers with a process and tools to study a single classroom instructional strategy.

    You must submit an Application for Research if either of the following is true:
    • The project involves using or collecting individual-level data about students, staff, or parents (including test data, observations, interviews, videos, surveys, focus groups, etc.)
    • You need a letter of support as part of a grant application. You must submit an Application for Research at least one month before the grant application deadline.
    Please note:


    • All data collection involving campuses must be completed by April 14th due to state testing.
    • No data collection is allowed on test days. Be sure to consult the District Calendar and State Assessment Calendar.
    • The research/evaluation review process takes two to four weeks. When your application is received, your project will be given an identification number and assigned to a Review Committee made up of district staff, who consider the application in terms of feasibility, educational value, and cost.
    • If your project requires the use of district databases, additional charges may apply.
    • Researchers are encouraged to consult the Institute of Education Sciences website for a checklist to ensure that their proposal has all of the elements necessary for the Review Committee's consideration. Statistical guidelines can be found here.

    For more information, please contact Dr. Warren Roane, Director of Accountability and Research at 281-641-8124. 
    Application in MS Word |  Application Guidance