So Who is Mrs. Farmer;


      MEET Mrs. Farmer!!!!            

    I have been teaching for 16 years and this is my 13th year at Riverwood.  Theatre Arts is my passion.  I love seeing people change themselves into a completely different person.  The transformation process is something that cannot be explained, only observed. 
       I grew up in East Tx. and attended Stephen F. Austin State University
     AXE EM' JACKS!!
       I have a vivacious 12 year old, Riley, who many of you know.  She's a 7th grader at RMS this year. She loves volleyball and being on the stage! She's also the 7th grade mascot, Lucky!
          Miss Shelby Kate is three going on 13! She is chatty, loves to sing, dance, and is the boss!!!!
       My lovely hubby is now the asst. orchestra director at Summer Creek HS. Though he will still be my main set designer!
       When people ask why in the world I teach middle school, I always tell them because it was the worst time in my life. If I can make it better for a few kids, then it's worth it!!


     Ri and Shelbs