• Traffic Pattern & Safety
    Please follow this flow of traffic when dropping off or picking up students at RMS
    1. As you cross High Valley on Kingwood Dr. heading toward RMS, you may only turn into the parking lot from the right-hand lane.  You may not turn into the parking lot from the left-hand lane.  (PINK indicator on map)

    2. Do not park along the curb between the driveway exit and the traffic light on High Valley. (RED indicator on map)

    3. Please be respectful of our fellow community members when parking in front of houses while waiting for your child after school.  Specifically, cars that park on Whispering Fern Court or Hazy Hillside should not park in driveways or block driveways.  (ORANGE indicator on the map)

    4. Do not park along the entrance to Riverwood along High Valley.  Parking here limits bus access as they make wide turns to enter this driveway. (GREEN indicator on the map)

    5. The driveway lane closest to the building on the High Valley side is reserved for only buses and students with special needs. Please do not use this lane to drop off or pick up your child. Instead, please use the other lane that runs parallel. 

    6. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the greenbelts.  This includes golf carts.

    Above all, please be patient as you drop off and pick up your child.  

    Texas Department of Transportation offers the following tips for drivers and students:

    Tips for Children Walking or Biking to School

    • Always walk on sidewalks whenever they’re available.

    • Cross the street at intersections or marked crosswalks. Look left, right, and left again before proceeding.

    • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street. Never assume a driver sees you.

    • Look for traffic when stepping off a bus or from behind parked cars.

    • Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.

    • Don’t be distracted by electronic devices that take your eyes and ears off the road.

    • Follow all traffic rules, signs, and signals.


    Tips for Driving in School Zones

    • Stay alert and put your phone away. Using a handheld electronic device while driving in an active school zone is against the law.

    • Always obey school zone speed limit signs. Remember, traffic fines usually double in school zones.

    • Drop off and pick up your children in your school’s designated areas, not the middle of the street.

    • The designated areas for picking up students at Riverwood are the courtyard on the Kingwood Dr. side and the exterior driveway lane on the High Valley side of the building. 

    • Keep an eye on children gathered at bus stops.

    • Watch for children who might dart across the street or between vehicles.