• Order of Events


    Running Events

    2400 Meter Run (2400 will begin at 5:00 pm)

    400 Relay (will start at 6:00pm)

    800 Run 

    100 Hurdles (girls 30”) (boys 7th 33” 8th 36”)

    100 Dash 

    800 Relay 

    400 Meter 

    300 Hurdles (girls & 7th boys 30”) (8th boys 33”)

    200 Dash 

    1600 Meter 

    1600 Relay 


    Field Events: will start at 4:00 PM

    Shot Put:       8th girls, 8th boys, 7th boys, 7th girls 

    Discus:          8th boys, 8th girls, 7th girls, 7th boys

    Long Jump:   8th  boys, 8th girls, 7th boys, 7th girls 

    Triple Jump:  8th girls, 8th boys, 7th girls, 7th boys 

    High Jump:    8th girls, 8th boys, 7th girls, 7th boys 

    Pole Vault:     8th boys, 8th girls, 7th boys, 7th girls

  • Common Questions

    *All field events will start at 4:00.

    **The 2400 starts at 5:00 and all the other running events will begin around 6pm
    ***Most of the track meets will end around 8:30-9:00

    ****If you would like to take your child home from the track meet, please sign your child out with a Coach

    ********At track meets the athletes are expected to sit in a designated area up in the stands while they are waiting for their event