You can get your physical completed by your family doctor, Medspring Urgent Care , NextCare Urgent Care, Walgreens, HEB RedClinic, or any other place that offers physicals. Be sure that it is on the 2023-2024 Humble ISD Physical Forms or we will not be able to accept them. You CAN NOT do anything in athletics until you have your Physical and other paperwork turned in!!!! That even means you can not try out for any sports!
    Athletic Paperwork for 2022-2023
    2023-2024 Physical Form Form(Must hand to Coach Marxsen)
    The following forms must be filled out online by going to the web address: http://tiny.cc/humblesport
    • Rank one Instructions 
    • Emergency Card
    • Humble ISD Policy
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness
    • Concussion Acknowledgement
    • Medical History Form








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