• Library Policies


    The Mission
    The mission of the Kingwood Middle School library is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information and to encourage leisure use of worthwhile materials. The library media program is fully integrated into the school’s curriculum and supports the educational goals and objectives of Kingwood Middle School. This is where Cougars come hear about and check-out good books; learn research skills and put those skills to work. If you need info, this is the place.

    Library Access


    Students may come to the library at any time, with a pass. The exception is 8th grade lunch. The Library is closed during this time. Students may come for a silent place to read; do homework; or research, before school, at 7:45 AM. and after school until 4:30.

    Check-out Procedures


    Students are usually allowed to check out 2 books at a time, for 2 weeks. (We often check out more books to students when necessary for research, etc.) Books may be renewed for an additional 2 weeks. The exception is the current Lone Star/ RIG list. Those books may not be renewed, in order for all to have a chance of gaining access to them.


    Fines for overdues are 10 cents/day. Reference items and magazines have a 25 cents/ day fine. Students are expected to pay for lost or damaged books. Understandably, anyone with an overdue book or outstanding fine is not allowed to check anything out.

    Library Usage


    Internet access in the library is by permission and for research purposes only. (Please refer to the district acceptable use policy, signed at the beginning of the year.) We do allow printing, with permission.

    Library Rules


    We’d love to allow you to  take the short-cut through the library, but that could be disruptive to classes and students using it.  Therefore you will have to take the long way! We appreciate students who clean up after themselves and help maintain a quiet atmosphere, conducive to study. Remember the Library rule is NO GUM !