• Class Daily Schedule

    Here are the daily lesson plans for the first 9 week quarter.

    In order for the links to work, the powerpoint must be in Slideshow mode.

    The first slide will take you to each respective day in each respective class.

    Once you click on your class period (make sure you choose the right one), a slide with every date from this quarter will show up. Choose the date you wish to see and it will take you there.

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  • Class Syllabus

    This is the full syllabus. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out!

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  • Rehearsal Attendance

    Along with UIL Eligibility Requirements, I will take students' absence(s) from rehearsals into consideration when determining a student's eligibility to perform in competitions, along with other criteria such as:
    - playing tests
    - behavior in and outside of my classroom
    - assignment completion
    Attendance will be considered as additional credit to a students' grade only. Parents must email me at least 2 days prior if their student will miss a dress rehearsal or concert.
    Students who have missed 2 or more rehearsals without written notice, will result in a student being ineligible to perform at the next upcoming event.
    Students who are missing rehearsals due to other activities or for academic reasons will also be considered ineligible if not communicated 2 days prior.
    Students will be able to regain eligibility after the date of their closest performance is finished.
    *This does not include performances such as Region or Solo and Ensemble where attendance will be mandatory.
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  • Music TEKS

    The state mandated Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills set that we use to teach our music classes are posted here.  Every activity we do in band, orchestra and choir falls under one of these categories in the classroom and are therefore graded.

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