• DCSA 2023

    Humble ISD offers a Dual Credit Summer Academy in partnership with local community colleges to allow students the opportunity to earn high school and college credit in the summer. Students receive high school credit on their transcripts if they earn a C or higher in a course, as well as receiving college credit transcripted through the partner community college. We are thrilled to partner with both San Jacinto College and Lone Star College to provide these courses 100% online this summer.

    Course Selection for the 2023 Dual Credit Summer Academy will open March 6.


  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    TSIA2 and Dual Credit Qualifications

    What is the TSIA2, and do I need to take it?

    Any student enrolling in a dual credit course must qualify to take the courses by showing college readiness using a Texas Success Initiative (TSI) qualifying assessment. There are several assessments which can provide students with their TSI qualifying score including the PSAT/NMSQT (not PSAT 8/9), STAAR English II and Algebra I EOC, SAT, ACT, and the Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2.0 (TSIA2). All TSI qualifying assessments have an Reading/Writing component as well as a Math component. For a list of qualifying assessments and the scores needed to qualify for dual credit, check out this handout.

    Students in 8th-12th grades are eligible to take the TSIA2.

    Does the TSIA2 cost anything?

    Humble ISD offers the TSIA2 on specific Saturdays at different campuses. Students don't need to be a student at that campus in order to take the TSIA2 on the offered date. A list of dates, locations, and registration information can be found on this site. Additionally, students can take the TSIA2 at Lone Star College Kingwood or San Jacinto College Generation Park as long as they've completed their Apply Texas application and have a college ID number. The first administration at partner college sites is free. 

    Does a student need to qualify for both Reading/Writing and Math in order to qualify for dual credit?

    Qualifications for dual credit courses depends on the course in which the student wishes to enroll. Some courses require readiness in only one area. The majority of courses offered for dual credit summer academy require Reading/Writing readiness only. For a list of qualifying assessments and the scores needed to qualify for dual credit, check out this handout.

    Do students need to take the TSIA2 by the March 31 course selection deadline in order to enroll in Dual Credit Summer Academy?

    Students who have met with their counselor/DC liaison and have all other documentation completed (Apply Texas, Exceptional Admit form, filled out course selection form, etc.) have through April 30 to complete their TSI requirement.

    How long are TSIA2 scores good for?

    TSIA2 scores are valid for 5 years from the date the test was administered. This means for 8th grade students, the TSIA2 qualifying score would be valid for their entire high school career. If a student took the TSIA2 and qualified in the past, they will not need to take the TSIA2 again.

    How can students prepare for TSIA2?

    Humble ISD provides comprehensive test prep for high school students that can be accessed at any time through Shmoop. More information about utilizing Shmoop can be found here.

    When will I receive my TSIA2 score?

    Students take TSIA2 tests on a computer and results are provided immediately upon completion of the exam. For more information, you can visit the College Board website. https://accuplacer.collegeboard.org/students/prepare-for-accuplacer/tsia-texas-success-initiative-assessment

    My student receives accommodations under Section 504/Special Education. Will they be given the accommodations on the TSIA2?

    According to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) "the TSIA2 falls under the auspices of higher education accommodations laws and rules." Some accommodations (such as an Accessibility Wizard to change text size, spacing, and color) are built into the TSIA2 since the exam is computerized. Other accommodations may require the approval from either Lone Star College Disability Services Office or San Jacinto College  Accessibility Services. For more information about accommodations for TSIA2, you can review this handout provided by THECB.

    Applying for Dual Credit

    My student has taken dual credit classes in the past, do they need to fill out an Apply Texas application again?

    If a student is taking a dual credit class with the same partner community college, they will not need to fill out a new Apply Texas application. If, however, the student is taking a course through a different partner community college, they will need to fill out a new Apply Texas application for the new community college. For example, if a student has taken dual credit courses through Lone Star in the past and is taking SPCH 1315 in the summer, the student will not need to fill out a new application. If the student is wishing to take Government and/or Economics, however, the student will need to apply through San Jacinto to receive a San Jacinto student ID number.

    Dual Credit Classes

    What students can participate in Dual Credit Summer Academy?

    Dual Credit Summer Academy is offered for rising 9th graders through rising seniors. This means students who are in the 8th grade through 11th grade during the 2022-23 school year are able to participate if they meet eligibility criteria through TSI. 

    How many dual credit classes can a student take in the summer?

    For Dual Credit Summer Academy, students can take up to two classes at one time.

    How do I know which dual credit classes I should take?

    Students should meet with their counselor before choosing any courses for Dual Credit Summer Academy to ensure the course(s) match with their personalized goals.

    I already chose a government class for next school year in Naviance. Can I still take dual credit government this summer?

    Even if a student has chosen their courses in Naviance, they can still take the course over the summer. Students should speak with their counselor to make the counselor aware of their plans to take the course over the summer so the fall and spring schedules can be adjusted once the summer dual credit course has been successfully completed.

    How does the summer dual credit course affect my GPA?

    Dual credit courses (and all other advanced courses) receive weighted GPA points. Additionally, since colleges use a letter grading scale, Humble ISD will translate the letter grade over to a numerical grade using the following conversion: A = 95 B = 85 C = 77 D = 72 F = 69. This means an A would be a 5.5 for GPA points, a B would be a 4.5 for GPA points, and so on. Students who have high GPAs may wish to speak with their counselor to determine what effects dual credit summer academy could have on their GPA. For example, a student who believes they could receive greater than a 95 in an advanced class who are GPA-conscious may wish to take the course during the school year.

    Are Dual Credit Summer Academy courses self-paced?

    No, while Dual Credit Summer Academy courses are completely online, that does not mean the courses are self paced. Each course will have specific assignments and deadlines that students will need to keep up with. 

    Will I need to sign in live to any of my online courses?

    Students may have video lectures or other instructional materials they must engage with, but there will not be live video conferences students must sign in for at specific times.

    Do the dual credit courses in summer academy satisfy high school graduation requirements?

    Yes, all dual credit courses in summer academy apply to a student's high school graduation plan. Courses such as Public Speaking, Psychology, and Sociology are not considered specific graduation requirements, but do fulfill the electives requirement for students.

    Can you pass/fail a dual credit summer academy class?

    No, students taking courses in dual credit summer academy cannot pass/fail the class. If a student is not performing as well as they would like in the dual credit class, the student must drop the class before the drop deadline to avoid any negative impact to their high school GPA.

    Are these same dual credit classes offered during the school year?

    While some courses may be available on some campuses, not all courses in dual credit summer academy are available at all high schools during the school year. Specific course offerings during the school year vary by campus due to teacher credentialling requirements for dual credit. To see what dual credit courses are available on your high school during the school year, see your counselor.

    Can students still take AP classes or IB classes during the school year and take advantage of Dual Credit Summer Academy?

    Yes, advanced academic coursework is not "one size fits all." This means students can mix and match advanced courses such as AP, OnRamps, and dual credit. All advanced courses are considered weighted for GPA purposes and hold equal bearing. An exeption to this would be students who are pursuing the full IB diploma programme would need to complete specific IB courses to be eligible for the IB diploma. Students pursuing the IB diploma would still be able to take advantage of Dual Credit Summer Academy courses for courses that are not required for the IB diploma.

    Are AP, IB, or OnRamps classes offered over the summer?

    No, the only classes which are offered in Dual Credit Summer Academy are dual credit courses in partnership with Lone Star College and San Jacinto College.

    How are accommodations handled in Dual Credit Summer Academy classes?

    Since dual credit courses are college courses, students will need to reach out to San Jacinto College  Accessibility Services (for Government or Economics) or Lone Star College Disability Services Office (all other Dual Credit Summer Academy courses) to determine what accommodations would be provided for the course.

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