• DCSA 2023

    Humble ISD offers a Dual Credit Summer Academy in partnership with local community colleges to allow students the opportunity to earn high school and college credit in the summer. Students receive high school credit on their transcripts if they earn a C or higher in a course, as well as receiving college credit transcripted through the partner community college. We are thrilled to partner with both San Jacinto College and Lone Star College to provide these courses 100% online this summer.

    Course Selection for the 2023 Dual Credit Summer Academy will open March 6.

DCSA Virtual Courses Available

  • Dates: June 5 to July 11, 2023 for all courses except for Government and Economics. Students can take Government/Economics either June 5 to July 6, or July 10 to August 10

    Art Appreciation - ARTS 1301*

    College Algebra - MATH 1314

    Theatre Appreciation - DRAM 131*    

    Statistics - MATH 1342

    Appreciating Music - MUSI 1306*  

    General Psychology - PSYC 2301

    Public Speaking - SPCH 1315*  

    Principles of Sociology - SOCI 1301  

    Composition & Rhetoric - ENGL 1301/1302

    Macroeconomics - ECON 2301

    Environmental Science I - ENVR 1401

    Federal Government - GOVT 2305

    Later Global Cultures - HUMA 1302

    *Indicates courses recommended to current 8th grade students

    Bold indicates courses offered through San Jacinto College



  • Costs:
    Course fees (approximately $78/course) must be paid for by the student. Costs for all instructional materials are provided for students who enroll before the March 31 deadline. Scholarships are available for students who demonstrate need. Students should meet with their counselor before April 29 if requesting a scholarship.

    Parent Information Webinar February 13:
    The webinar will take place from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Monday, February 13, and will provide more information on the Dual Credit Summer Academy. Missed the webinar? You can watch the recording here.

    Interest Form February 17 - March 5:
    Students interested in taking part in Dual Credit Summer Academy 2023 should complete the interest form between February 17 and March 5. The interest form will assist campus personnel in guiding students through the enrollment and course selection process.

    Course Selection March 6 - 31:
    Course selection for Dual Credit Summer Academy 2023 will begin March 6. Students should first contact their school counselor or dual credit liaison (high school only) to process the Exceptional Admission form needed to register (must meet eligibility via ACT, SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, or TSIA2). Then visit the Dual Credit Summer Academy website for further registration information.

    TSIA2 Testing:
    Lone Star College and San Jacinto College have test score requirements for students to enroll in classes. Any student who has not yet met college-ready testing requirements may take the TSIA2 test through the partner college, or on specific Saturdays in Humble ISD. High school dual credit liaisons and 8th grade counselors can assist parents in getting students set up to take the TSIA2 test if needed.

    At the conclusion of a course and after grades are posted, students will need to send their Lone Star or San Jacinto College transcripts to their high school registrar so that grades can be added to their high school transcript. Students should be aware that final college grades are translated over using the following formula: A=95, B= 85, C= 77, D= 73, F= 65. All courses offered in the Dual Credit Summer Academy provide weighted grade points on the high school transcript.

    Course Drops:
    In the event a student is unable to complete the course, students should follow the Lone Star or San Jacinto College course drop guidelines and timelines to avoid potential negative impacts to their college GPA. 

    Students/Parents may access a step by step checklist by choosing one of the links below:


  • Lone Star College Dual Credit Orientation Presentation
  • Virtual Student Guide Summer 2023
  • Apply Texas Login
  • Dual Credit Campus Liaisons
  • Lone Star Checklist: NEW to Dual Credit Students
  • Lone Star Checklist: CURRENT Dual Credit Students
  • San Jacinto Checklist: GOVT/ECO Only
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