• Multiplication Automaticity: 

     This year, we will be working towards automaticity of facts for tables 1-10.  We also take a look at the 11's and 12's.  Please have them practice these facts at home.  They can do flash cards, or there are many on-line sites to practice facts - google, "free on-line multiplication practice".    Below is an interesting article regarding math fact fluency/automaticity.  I do believe it is crucial for students to have automaticity of facts.  It will help them with our study of multiplication, division, and fractions as we continue through the year. I know it will also benefit them greatly as they begin working with different multiplication and division algorithms next year when they are in 4th grade next year.  There are many ways to study facts.  Just a few are listed below the article link. 


      Below are some helpful sites for math fact fluency, along with other math concepts:

    Math On-line Resources    


    www.gregtangmath.com  - Students love the games, and everyone can find a level that fits their needs. 
    multiplication.com - Go to games.  

      https://www.humbleisd.net/page/26813 - This will take you to the instructional 
    technology site for Humble ISD.  Click the tab "Classroom Resources" - Click
    "Math" - Go to Elementary websites.  You will be able to use the drop down
    menu for many different categories including: operations, number sense, geometry, measurement, and several more.  When you submit, you will be shown a plethora of sites.  It is a great resource!