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    Fingerprint FAQ's

    Q: Who has to be fingerprinted?

    A: After receiving an offer, all prospective employees of Humble ISD must undergo a national background check by submitting fingerprints for review.

    Q: How can I complete the fingerprint requirement?

    A: You will receive an email from Nobody@IdentoGo explaining how to obtain your required fingerprints. Please follow the instructions in the email to get your fingerprints scheduled prior to or on the day of your scheduled orientation. You will need to enter the Access Code SP-HUMBLE when prompted for a zip code to search locations. The code SP-HUMBLE allows you to schedule your fingerprint appointment at our location.

    Q: What do I need to bring with me to my fingerprint appointment?

    A: You must bring government-issued identification, an accepted form of payment, and any other information outlined in the email from IdentGo.

    Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

    A: While the system will state that you must bring a money order, business check or cashier's check, please note that your option to pay at our facility will be either debit or credit card. 

    Please maintain a copy of your fingerprint receipt as proof that you met the criteria for obtaining your fingerprints prior to hire.    

    Q: What if I do not receive an email?

    A: Please check your spam and junk folders. If you already have fingerprints on file, you will not receive the fingerprint information via email. 

    Q: If I have been fingerprinted before, do I need to do it again?

    A: We will check with TEA before we request you to complete the fingerprinting process. If you are in their database, we will subscribe to your fingerprints. If you are not, you will need to submit fingerprints.

    Q: Can I be hired if I promise to have my fingerprints completed at a later date?

    A: No. You will only receive an official offer of employment after the fingerprint process is complete.

    Q: What information will be sent to Humble ISD?

    A: Humble ISD will receive information including, but not limited to, any arrest, dismissal, conviction, deferred adjudication, and probation history.

    Q: What is the purpose of fingerprinting?

    A: Once Humble ISD subscribes to your fingerprints, the district will be notified of past or future arrests. When you become an employee of the district, you are required to notify your principal or immediate supervisor within three (3) calendar days of any arrest, indictment, conviction, no contest or guilty plea, or other adjudication of the employee for any felony, any offense involving moral turpitude, and any of the other offenses listed in the employee handbook

    Completion of fingerprints is not a promise of employment

    If you have questions about the fingerprinting process, please contact Humble ISD Human Resources at 281-641-1050.