Full-Time Employee Transitioning to Guest Teacher

  • If you are currently a full-time employee and you want to become a guest teacher, there are several things you need to do in order to make that transition.

    If you are considering this change, please note the following:

    • Guest Teachers are not eligible for benefits. You will forfeit the benefits you receive as a full-time employee.
    • Guest Teachers are asked to work a minimum of 6 days per month in order to remain on active status.
    • Guest Teacher pay varies by level of education and certification status. Be sure to upload your transcripts when you apply. Check the Guest Teacher Pay Scale for more information.

    Once you decide to become a guest teacher, please allow your supervisor or campus leader enough time to find a replacement. You will need to be fully paid out of your current contract before you can become a Guest Teacher. You will also need to apply, be offered a position, undergo training, and be fully active as a Guest Teacher in the system before you may begin working. This is a multi-step process.

    Step 1: Inform your direct supervisor / Principal of your intention to leave your current job. Agree on a last day of work. 

    Step 2: Apply for a position as a Guest Teacher. List your most recent Principal and his or her email address as a reference. 

    Step 3: The Guest Teacher Coordinator will communicate with you regarding next steps.