• Humble Elementary has 2 types of Inclement Weather Dismissal: Rainy Day or Severe Weather

    We will send an electronic notification (text/email) to parents by 2:45 pm.

    Parents may NOT park and walk to the front for students or check out students after 2:30 pm during inclement weather.

    Everyone will need to join the car-rider line. All families need a car-rider tag to use in case of inclement weather.  

    # 1 Rainy Day Dismissal - light rain only, no warnings: On the Inclement Weather Dismissal Plan Form, parents will indicate if their child will have permission or not to walk/bike home. If not, the student(s) will be dismissed as a car-rider.

    # 2 Severe Weather Dismissal - heavy rain, lightning, or warnings: NO students will be allowed to walk/bike home - student(s) will be dismissed as car-riders.