• Greetings,

    Welcome to Mrs. Brown’s class! I will be your child’s Dyslexia teacher this year. This is my first year at Humble Middle School and the district. However, this is my 17th year teaching. It is paramount that our class as a whole remain focused in order to maximize our learning time. We will accomplish this by implementing S.O.A.R. (Safe, On-Task, Accountable, Respect). This will ensure that all scholars have an opportunity to be successful. I am looking forward to everyone giving 100% daily. Let’s go Wildcats!

    Educationally yours,
    Mrs. Brown
    Room 400 D





  • 1st Pd.   8:30 - 9:24

    2nd Pd.  9:24 - 10:16

    3rd Pd.  10:20 - 11:10

    4th Pd.  11:10 - 12:12

    Lunch -  12:16 - 12:46

    Huddle - 12:46 - 1:16

    Conference - 1:16 - 2:06

    6th Pd. 2:10 - 3:00; 2:14 - 3:04

    7th Pd. 3:04 - 4:00

    • Every week an update for the upcoming week will be sent through talkingpts.org to all parents and/or guardians.
    • Each student is able to access the daily agenda for their class period on Schoology.
    • To ensure the safety of all students and staff, students must wear their I.D. badges around their necks throughout the entire school day.