Local Rental Shops

  • I highly recommend renting (or purchasing) an instrument from one of the shops listed below. They all have good quality instruments, good customer service, and Spanish-speaking assistants. If your instrument gets damaged, these shops repair it for you if you rent from them. Along with your instrument, they give you other important supplies that you will need in orchestra class.


    Lisle Violin Shop




    Other supplies include: 1) music book we use every day in class, 2) a personal music stand, and 3) a shoulder rest / roc stop. They will work out the price with you, so if you have price questions please contact them. Se habla español.


    Fishburn Violin Shop



    You can change instrument sizes with Fishburn with no extra charge. They also do a "rent to own" deal where after so long of renting from them, the instrument becomes yours to keep forever.


    99 Violin Shop




    832-870-8022 (cellphone)

    They have 2 other packages that offer more benefits than the Basic Package. All prices include insurance, which covers the instrument, bow, and the instrument case in case any of them gets damaged. This shop also does a "rent to own" deal where, after renting under the basic package, the instrument is yours! 36 months for violins/violas, and 48 months for the cello.