Mrs. Wiggins

Mrs. Wiggins

  • Monika Wiggins M.Ed.
    Room: 2006
    281-641-7778 ext. 7778 

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  • 1st - Child Development
    2nd -Conference Period
    3rd - Child Development
    4th - Child Development
    5th - Child Development 
    6th - Child Development
    7th - Child Development



Tutoring Schedule

  • Morning - Tuesday Evenings 2:52pm-3:20pm

    Afternoon - Thursdays2:52-3:20pm


  • Course Description:

    The program draws on aspects of social and biological sciences, of which Family and Consumer Sciences is a component. The Child Development course will stree responsibility in parenthood s well as guides for care during prenatal period, infancy, and early childhood. A thorough study of children's physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development will be discussed in various stages. Special topics will include child abuse, childcare options, communicating with children, the importance of play, and food and nutrition. With an understanding of the growth and guidance of children, the student should be able to prepare for future parental roles, employment in the childcare industry and/or continue with education in the area of Child Development.

    Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

    • Examine various parenting techniques.
    • Distinguish between various forms of child abuse.
    • Analyze how various activities enhance intellectual and physical development.
    • Analyze health concerns during prenatal development.
    • Differentiates between developmental areas.
    • Compare childcare options
    • Recognize child development related programs in FCCLA ( Family, Career and Community Leaders of America).
    • Investigate career options related to child development, care, and guidance.

    Topics Covered:

    • Learning about Children
    • Families Today
    • Preparing for Parenting
    • Pregnancy & Special Circumstances of Pregnancy
    • Childbirth
    • Physical & Intellectual Development in the first year


    • Be on time. 
    • Be Respectful


    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Have Fun

    2. Be open-minded

    3. Be responsible (supplies, dresscode, attendance,be on time).

    4. Be professional (phone off, put away, alert, engaged in learning, no cursing or bad language).

    5. Be respectful (kind conversations, be mindful of others, no food or drinks).

    6. Be engaged in learning (participate and stay on task).

    7. Give it your all.




    Classroom Policies 

    How is attendance monitored? 

    Engagement within LMS 

    Grading Policy: Grades are based on a combination of the following:

    1. Tests administered during the grading period
    2. Notebooks, reports and other class projects
    3. Classroom participation, daily work, and homework
    4. Quality of work
    5. Promptness in fulfilling assignments
    6. No test will count more than one fourth (25%) of the nine-week average.

    Submission of Work