Choir Schedule

  • 1st Period - Common Conference (Miner, Nalundasan)
    2nd Period (Rm. 1330) - Concert Men Choir (Miner, Nalundasan)
    3rd Period (Rm. 1330) - A Cappella Choir (Nalundasan, Miner)
    4th Period (Rm. 1330) - Madrigal Singers (Nalundasan)
    4th Period (Rm. 1327) - Forté! Show Choir (Miner)
    5th Period (Rm. 1330) - Chorale (Nalundasan, Miner) 
    6th Period (Rm. 1330) - Concert Women (Miner, Nalundasan)
    7th Period (Rm. 1327) - AP Music Theory (Miner)
    Note: For contact purposes, please email the teacher in BOLD with specific issues and concerns. This information is on the contact page.