• I am often asked when I knew I wanted to be a nurse. I remember reading a book when I was seven about Clara Barton and knew immediately that I wanted to work in health care. Ever since that day, I have sought out opportunities to learn about the human body and how it works and heals. Now, many years later, I am still passionate about the science and art of being a nurse.

    This is my second year at Maplebrook Elementary, and I absolutely love my job and our campus. It took me a while to get here, and I am so thankful that I am here now. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from East Texas Baptist University many years ago and worked for a while in small community hospitals in various settings, including med/surg, pediatrics, and cardiac care. Working in the hospital and relocating, I found myself as a charge nurse for the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System for the surgery and oncology units. I have also found enjoyment as a home health nurse and a legal nurse consultant. Every position brought new learning challenges and an opportunity for personal growth. I honestly looked into working as a school nurse so that I could be more available for my 4 children. I have been grateful every day since I was offered a position with Humble ISD in 2013.

    Since starting work as a school nurse, I have sought to learn everything I could to be the best possible school nurse. I have volunteered on a couple of committees for our health services department. I have become a member of the National School Nurses Association and the Texas School Nurses Association, for which I have served on the Peer Review Committee.I have learned a great deal through these opportunities. Amongst this involvement, I began studying and became a Nationally Certified School Nurse. This requires that I complete significantly more continuing education than I would otherwise. I appreciate the challenge and hope that the knowledge will help me be of greater service to you and your family.