• Humble ISD Summer Reading

Middle School Summer Reading

  • Humble ISD recommends all Pre-AP middle school students who are enrolled in English Language Arts classes to read over the summer. Select campuses require on-level students to participate as well. Please contact your child’s campus for specific summer reading requirements.

    Purpose Statement

    The district believes that summer reading can:

    • help students maintain English Language Arts skills over the summer break.
    • expose students to quality literature that they might not pick up on their own.
    • help students develop a love for reading.
    • promote independent reading, inquiry, and scholarship, which will facilitate students as life-long learners.

    Humble ISD Summer Middle School Reading 2022


High School Summer Reading

  • Humble ISD recognizes the importance of developing life-long reading habits in our students.

    Primary Objectives of the Humble ISD Summer Reading Program

    • Reading for Exposure to Quality Literature
    • Reading to Promote Independent Reading, Inquiry, and Scholarship
    • Reading to Develop and Maintain Necessary English Language Arts Skills  

    Humble ISD Summer High School Reading 2022