• Who can apply for parking at Humble High School?

    Only seniors and juniors are allowed to park at Humble High School. Underclassmen will not be considered for a parking space.


    How much is a parking pass?



    I'm getting my license soon. Can I purchase my parking permit with my learner's license?

    No. You must have a driver's license. You may purchase once you get your driver's license. Permits are sold daily during the school year.


    My car has paper plates. Can I purchase a permit?

    Yes. You will fill out the info and give the temporary license plate. Once the permanent plates arrive, you will need to go to the Admin Office to update your information.


    Does the insurance have to be in the student’s name?

    The insurance may be in the owner’s name. It does not have to be in the student’s
    name, but it must be current and for the vehicle that is registered.


    How do I attach my parking sticker?

    Attach your parking sticker to the front passenger side of your windshield. If your sticker is not visible you may receive discipline.


    Where can I park?

    Student Senior Parking will be located on the very last row near Wilson road.  Underclassman parking will be located near Turner Stadium. 


    Can I go back to my car during the school day?

    Upon arrival at school, students are to immediately park and enter the building. Students are not allowed in parking areas during the school day without permission from a principal. Teachers cannot give permission for students to be in parking areas. Students who are in parking areas during the school day without proper permission will be subject to disciplinary action, including administrative search. Leaving campus without permission will result in disciplinary action.


    Who do I contact if my question was not answered here?

    • Please contact Mrs. Covarrubias via email OR stop by the ADMIN Office once school is back in session.