• One of our campus core values is Community.  We believe that engaging with and supporting our community makes our school better.  Alternately, we also believe that when the community is able to engage in the day to day of our school, the students and the school benefit.  Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to serve at Autumn Creek so that you can positively impact student lives.

    How can I start volunteering?

    There are 5 easy steps.

    1. Complete a background check- You can fill out this online form and will receive an email within 72 hours to notify you if you have been approved to volunteer in the Humble school district.
    2. Go through training- We will have in-person training for volunteers each quarter, or as needed.  These dates are posted on our website calendar on the homepage.
    3. Sign up to volunteer using one of the links below- This is an automated system that allows you to sign up to serve in specific areas of our building.  You can only sign up for a date that is 5 days from today.  You will receive confirmation of your date and ongoing communication as the date approaches.
    4. Watch the training video specific to an area where you will serve.  This link will be automatically sent to you once you have signed up.
    5. Go have a great day at Autumn Creek Elementary!

    Sign up to Volunteer on a Specific Day

    Click the link to sign up for any of these opportunities.  If you have not done a background check, your appointment will be rejected until that is completed.

    Support a classroom or grade level- You can sign up to support your child's classroom and other classrooms in a specific grade level.  You'll read to kids, play with them at recess, eat lunch with them, and participate in whatever is happening in the classroom that day.

    Watch D.O.G.S.- Watch D.O.G.S. are Dads of Great Students who want to participate as a volunteer at Autumn Creek.  Watch D.O.G.S. are positive male role models who get to interact with students all day long.  You'll serve in your child's classroom, go to lunch with your student, play at recess, and support specials classrooms.  You will go home tired but feeling like you made a difference in the life of students!

    Library- Reshelve books, check out books, and spend time reading with kids!

    STEM Classroom support- Help with setup and takedown of STEM activities between classes and support students as they work on STEM challenges!

    Volunteer in other areas- This includes:

    • Workroom- Are you a more behind the scenes person?  You can run copies for teachers, laminate items, and help with general projects that support specific classrooms.  The teachers will love you!
    • Cafeteria- Help students at breakfast or lunch.  You might be serving food or just circulating to support students as they eat.
    • Recess support- You'll spend time at recess teaching kids how to play nicely together and support positive interactions between students.
    • Arrival and dismissal support- You can help get kids unloaded from cars at the start of the day or help get them safely into cars and buses at the end of the day.