Athletics is a class for 7th and 8th graders that are interested in trying out or participating
    in the following sports at ARMS: Cross Country, Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Track & Field and
    Soccer. Your child must have a current Physical turned in before he/she is allowed
    to participate/tryout in Athletics.

    Cross Country & Football are non-cut sports-anyone that wants to participate will have the
    opportunity to participate. Students who participate in football will be placed on either A or B team according to the coaches. (There is NO OFF SEASON PROGRAM for BOYS during football season.All Boys in Athletics during football season will compete in either Football or Cross Country.)  

    ***All other sports will have tryouts as there are a limited number of
    available slots for each sport.

    Volleyball and Basketball have an A and a B team in each grade level.

    Track & Field Who participates in the running portion of track is determined by times. Field event
    participants will have to try out. If your child is interested in Track & Field we do our very
    best to find something for them to compete in.

    Soccer has 1 team for each grade level.

    If your child does not make a team, he/she will still be enrolled in our Athletics class, but will be in what we call ‘off-season’. He/She will work on strength/conditioning, speed and agility, endurance, station work, and be able to work on the next sport that is coming up. (There is NO OFF SEASON PROGRAM for BOYS during football season.All Boys in Athletics during football season will compete in either Football or Cross Country.)

    ~Volleyball Tryout Information

    ~XC (Cross Country) Information

    ~Girls Basketball Tryout Information

    ~Boys Basketball Tryout Information

    ~Track & Field Information (running event time trials will be conducted during Athletics classes)

    ~Soccer Try Out Information

    When Track & Field season has concluded, we will revisit previous sports for those interested in trying out for the following school year. Our 8th graders at this time will have SCHS high school coaches come to work with the ones interested in trying out in high school. 

    In Athletics, we have a uniform that the athletes are to wear daily. This consists of a gold dri fit shirt and green mesh shorts. These will be available for purchase online and the cost is $25 for a set. Appropriate athletic shoes are a requirement. Jewelry is not allowed in Athletics (only exception is a coach approved watch for XC and distance group during Track season). If your child is getting their ears pierced this summer, we ask that it be done at the beginning to allow time to heal so he/she can remove them for class & competitions. He/She will not be able to compete with earrings on.

    If your child makes a team, we will issue a competition uniform for that particular sport. These are only to be worn for competing and will not go home with your child. The coaches are responsible for washing our competition uniforms.

    For all away games/meets, participating athletes must ride the bus to the competitions. Once both teams have completed competing, he/she can either ride home with a parent/guardian (only those listed on HAC are eligible for her transportation home) or he/she can ride the bus back to school. Boys will be picked up at Door 13(bus ramp area, Teakwood entrance); Girls will be picked up at Door 10 (Woodland Hills entrance) if they ride the bus home. IF he/she is traveling home with you, the head coach MUST have a travel release form 24 hrs in advance. This can be found on the main page of our Athletics website.

    **There is a charge for all competitions except XC meets. This is district wide and has nothing to do with individual schools.

    If your child has morning tryouts/practice, they will be held in the morning and will begin at 7:00 AM sharp. The locker room doors will be open at 6:45 AM. If your child is not ready to begin practice at 7:00 AM,
    he/she will be considered late and will have extra conditioning. We DO lock the locker room DOOR at 7:00 AM.

    All after school pick ups are as follows: Boys will be picked up at Door 13(bus ramp area, Teakwood entrance); Girls will be picked up at Door 10 (Woodland Hills entrance)  
    All after school practices will be finished at 5:15 PM. 
    All athletes must be picked up within 30 minutes of the conclusion of practice/competition.


    As always if you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the Athletic Coordinators.

    Boys Athletic Coordinator - Kevin Jack

    Girls Athletic Coordinator - Kimberly Armstrong 


Welcome to Swamp
  • Any incoming 7th and 8th grade student to Autumn Ridge Athletics must have a 2023-2024 physical on file to be enrolled in the class.  In order for us to accept a physical:

    *It must be on a HUMBLE ISD 2023-2024 physical form

    *It has to have been conducted AFTER February 1, 2023

    *It must have the date of examination with clearance

    *It must have a physicians stamp & signature. 

    The campus will be closed for the Summer.

    Physical's may be dropped off June 6 - July 20; Tuesdays & Thursdays 8am-12pm at: 

    Humble ISD Administration Building
    10203 Birchridge Dr.
    Humble, TX 77338

    You may not enroll in athletics or try out for any sports unless you have a physical on file with the Autumn Ridge Athletic department and digital RANK ONE paperwork completed.

    In order to participate in Athletics, students must have a 2023-24 Physical on file with the Autumn Ridge Athletic department and have all of the required forms for HUMBLE ISD Athletics completed digitally.  This information can be completed at home via computer or smart phone.  

    2023-2024 Online RANK ONE Athletic Paperwork 

    Please click HERE or go to Http://  

    • Click the top tab “Electronic Participation Forms
    • You will need to complete all the forms (if you are not trying out for football, you do not need to fill out the helmet form)
    • Type in student name, Student's School ID number, and school.
    • Read and complete the form with Guardian signatures, and repeat for the other forms.

    Information needs to be completed before any student can participate in athletic activities.