Updated Editor Features

  • Headers
    In your primary campus color - Clear Formatting to remove

      • H1
      • H2
      • H3
      • H4


    Type inside the border 

      • Add a border around your content

    Colored Boxes

      • Primary Box  - this is your primary campus color
      • Secondary Box - this is your secondary campus color

    Font Sizes

      • Back to pt sizes  12pt  14 pt  24pt


      • Simplified for accessibility color contrast standards (there is a way around it through HTML code - reach out if you need that option)

    Media Embed Feature

      • Easily share videos


    Insert Date/Time

    • 02/15/2022 | 4:35:06 PM

    Accessibility Checker

    Spell Checker

    • I walk to the store and I bot milk.

      I go to the store and I got milk and cookies.

      I seriously hardly beelive how cool this is.