• Autumn Ridge Middle School's AVID Classes are here to help students realize their true potential, encourage academic success through rigorous course selection, and emphasize the value of hard work as we prepare for post-secondary readiness. The AVID program teaches strategies including time management, organization, goal-setting, and note-taking skills. Students also participate in tutorials, college campus field trips, community service, and college fairs. 

  • Classroom Schedule: 

    1st Period- 8th Grade AVID

    2nd Period- Planning

    3rd Period- Planning

    4th Period- 7th Grade AVID

    5th Period- 6th Grade AVID

    6th Period- 6th Grade AVID

    7th Period- 6th Grade AVID


    *Tutorials are held on Tuesdays from 7:50-8:20am*