• Hola, Welcome to 3rd Grade! My name is Ms. Luis and I will be teaching 3rd Grade Dual Language all subjects. I am super excited about starting this school year. I was born and raised in Houston,Tx. I graduated from the University of Houston - Main Campus with a Bachelor's of Science in Teaching and Learning EC-6 Bilingual.  

  • Let's Get in Touch / Pongamonos en contacto:

    Email/ Correo Electronico: rxluis@humbleisd.net


    Conference Time / Tiempo de Conferencia: 

    Wednesday/Miercoles: 8:15am - 8:45am

    Other times and days may be available, by appointment. Email me for more information.


  • Tutorias/ Tutoring:

    More information to come (spring 2023)

    Mas Informacion vendra despues. (Primavera de 2023)

Graduation Photo

Class Schedule:

  • 7:30 - 7:55    Breakfast/ soft Start
    7:55 - 8:10    Character Strong
    8:10-8:55    Specials
    8:55-9:05    Restroom
    9:05-9:35    Writing Mini-lesson
    9:35-10:05    Guided Writing
    9:50    Snack Time/ Attendance
    10:05-10:15    Word Study
    10:15-10:45    Reading MiniLesson
    10:45-11:45    Guided Reading
    11:45-12:00    Number Corner
    12:00-12:05    Restroom
    12:05-12:30    Lunch
    12:30-1:00    Recess
    1:00-1:05    Restroom
    1:05-1:35    Math MiniLesson
    1:35-2:35    Guided Math
    2:35-3:00    Science/Social Studies
    3:00-3:10    Prepare for Dismissal
    3:10:3:45    Dismissal