• Student Dreams Our Goals

    Welcome to the Student Dreams. . . Our Goals Video Series! This video series is designed to help students and parents learn more about what Personalized Student Success means to us in Humble ISD.  Thorughout the year, additional videos, supplemental materials, podcases, and a mini-series will be added to this page to help students and parents navigate the vast resources available in Humble ISD for students to customize their education.

    Advanced Learning  Video

    Check out our latest video highlighting our Advanced Learning & Services Department!

    Dr. Fagen and our Director of Advanced Learning, Dr. Tong Utakrit, dive into all of the options for students to pursue in advanced coursework in Humble ISD.
    In addition to providing information about advanced courses such as
    Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, OnRamps, and International Baccalaureate, they also cover Gifted and Talented Education and how to learn more if you have questions.

  • Student Dreams. . .
    Our Goals Video Series

  • Personalized Counseling A Road Map to Success

    Personalized Student Counseling: A Roadmap to Success

    We are excited to release the first video in a series designed to help students and parents learn more about what Personalized Counseling means to us in Humble ISD.  This video, along with others that will be released this year, will help outline the individualized approach to counseling and what programs, courses, and supports are available to our students in Humble ISD.  In this first video, Dr. Fagen and Dr. Leigh explore how Advanced Learning, Career and Technical Education, and the Counseling department have come together under Personalized Student Success to offer each of our students in Humble ISD a unique and individualized approach to planning their customized pathway in Humble ISD, as well as a focus on positive mental health.


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    Personalized Student Success: Career & Technical Education Opportunities

    The second video in our series focuses on Career and Technical Education opportunities in Humble ISD.  Dr. Fagen interviews Larkin LeSueur, Director of CTE, to discuss and highlight the unique programs and pathways available to students in Humble ISD starting in the sixth grade throughout high school, including earning industry certifications and limited seating courses.  

  • Personalized Podcasts

  • The Learning Curve Podcast

    PSAT, AP, Dual Credit, G/T, AVID...with all the advanced learning opportunities available in the district, which options are best for your student?

    Listen to the new Advanced Learning Podcast where they discuss anything and everything related to advanced learning in Humble ISD in less time than it takes you to get from home to school or work.

    The Advanced Learning Podcast is available on all podcasting platforms including Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Google Podcasts and new episodes are released every two weeks.

    Have an idea for a topic you want discussed? Reach out to advanced.learning@humbleisd.net and your idea may be featured as a podcast topic!

  • All in the Library Podcast

    Listen to the new All in the Library Podcast where we discuss books, authors, and how students and families can maximize the resources in our school libraries!

    The All in the Library Podcast is available on all podcasting platforms including Apple and Google Podcasts!

  • Video Clips and

  • High School Hacks logo

    The Superintendent's Student Advisory launched the first High School Hacks in 2018.  Originally, it was designed to help students ask questions and get answers from real high school students during an annual event.  This has expanded into our new High School Hacks Mini-Series where you can learn all sorts of information through short videos, podcasts, and other informational formats.  Stay tuned as additional videos are added!

  • Pass Fail Video

    High School Hacks Mini Series: Pass / Fail

    Some of the most frequently asked questions are about pass / fail options in high school.  What is pass/fail?  How does it work? How do I know which classes I can take pass/fail?  What are the pros/cons?  Who can I talk to for more information?

    These questions, and more, are answered in this brief Mini Series from our High School Hacks edition.