Problem Solving

  • Humble ISD will have students use 4 D's of Problem Solving when working through a story/word problem. Please take a look at this, so you can encourage your child to use it at home. A brief overview is shown below...


    The 4 D's (steps) to work through...

    1. Define the given information. (What is the question asking me to solve? What information do I already have?)

    2. Develop a plan.

    3. Do the problem. (Determine the solution)

    4. Don't forget to check! 


    Crucial Questions to ask yourself..these are questions we use in class when solving a word problem. 

    1.   Am I given a total? 

    2.  Am I combining or separating?

    3. Am I combining or separating equal groups?

    4. Are there peices of information I need to include? 


    Please make sure to use this Helper Sheet. There is one in your child's Homework folder. We use this in the classroom ALL THE TIME.