Rainy Day Dismissal

    • A decision will be made by 3:05pm and will only be utilized when there is visible lightning, thunder and/or heavy rain.
    • Please follow all dismissal procedures and do not park on the street during dismissal.
    • During Rainy Day Dimissal, all children will be dismissed based on your Rainy Day Dismissal selection communicated with the classroom teacher.  Changes to your selection will neeed to be made to your child's teahcer in writing.
    • Parents choosing the walker/biker option will need to walk up to the school to pick up their students.  Walker/Biker students will only be released dring Rainy Day Dismissal to a parent/designee.
    • Redstone Bend Biker/Walkers (on Kindergarten gate side) will need to pick students up at Door 15 (next to the Kindergarten playground) and Stonebridge Biker/Walkers (on cafeteria/portable side) will need to pick students up at Door 3 (at the cafeteria).  Parents/Designee will give their child's dismissal number and they will then be released from class to come to that location.
    • Please adhere to the pick-up spot you have chosen and make sure that your child is aware of your plans should a Rainy Day Dismissal be called.