COVID-19 Protocols

  • Humble ISD has ensured compliance with guidance from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the Governor. Below you will find current district COVID protocols.


  • Humble ISD hopes to offer students a great school year.
    There will be in person classes, extracurricular activities, and parents are welcome back on campuses to volunteer and attend events.


    Humble ISD is one of the few school districts in Texas that planned for and continues to offer a virtual learning option. 
    Humble ISD is committed to doing what is best for students and staff, regardless of how the state funds ADA (average daily attendance). If we must, the district will use fund balance and federal ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief)  funds to provide a virtual learning option to families.

    Humble ISD will provide free breakfast and lunch to all students.
    Students on campus will receive breakfast and lunch at no charge. Students can purchase seconds and a la carte snacks for an additional fee at the register. Virtual students are also eligible for free meals. Details will be communicated to virtual students. 

    While no application or eligibility determination is required for your student to receive free meals this school year, it is still critical for families to apply for free and reduced meals. This important data allows Humble ISD families to receive benefits such as discounted internet costs, reduced fees for SAT/ACT testing, help with college application fees, potential eligibility if P-EBT benefits are offered in the future, as well as maximizing important state and federal funding for individual schools. Applications are provided online at


  • Humble ISD will allow parents to request a change from virtual learning classes to on campus classes by completing the Learning Location Form.

    Humble ISD will allow parents to be on a waitlist for openings in virtual learning classes.
    Approximately 2,000 students have chosen virtual learning. Classes were formed based upon parent requests submitted at the end of the 2020-2021 school year and this summer.  Parents may place their child on the waitlist by completing the Learning Location Form. In order to provide the best school experiences for all students, the district must monitor class sizes as enrollment numbers fluctuate. At the beginning of the school year, notifications to parents of students on the elementary waitlist will go out no later than the week of August 23. Notifications to the parents of middle and high school students on the secondary waitlist will go out no later than the week of August 30. Students with medical conditions may qualify for homebound instruction. Families with extenuating circumstances prohibiting on campus instruction should contact their child’s principal.

    Humble ISD is working to develop support for students who are out because they have COVID-19 or another communicable disease, or are in voluntary quarantine after close contact, with the opportunity to keep up with school work through remote conferencing if they feel well.

    Remote Conferencing


  • All testing is completely optional.

    Humble ISD has partnered with Harris County Public Health (HCPH) to offer an optional, convenient choice for parents who wish to have their child tested for COVID-19. 

    Free, mobile PCR testing is available for all virtual and on-campus students currently enrolled in Humble ISD. Testing will take place at the Humble Civic Center, located at 8233 Will Clayton Parkway, Humble, in the Rodeo Arena Parking Lot, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Tuesday.

    Parents/guardians must register for testing online through the HCPH registration site. Additionally, the HCPH Minor Consent Form must be filled out and brought to the appointment.

    Other testing options are available through local pharmacies, doctor's offices and other locations, including: 


  • Humble ISD will notify parents if there is a positive case in their child's classrooms.
    Class notifications will occur for elementary, middle and high school students. 

    Humble ISD will inform parents of all positive cases by posting cases by campus to the COVID-19 dashboard. 
    Anyone can go to the dashboard at any time to see any case that has been reported on a campus. The dashboard will be updated every school day.

    COVID-19 Dashboard

    Humble ISD will report cases on each campus to the local health department and Department of State Health Services for their follow-up.
    Public health agencies engage in contact tracing and recommend quarantines.


  • Humble ISD will require that students or staff with COVID-19 remain home until re-entry criteria has been met. 
    Students and staff may return 10 calendar days after onset of symptoms or date of positive test AND 24 hours symptom-free without medication (ex. fever-free without medication).

    • If the individual is symptomatic, the 10 days count from the onset of symptoms.
    • If the individual is asymptomatic, the 10 days count from the date the individual was tested. 

    Stay Home

    Humble ISD will ask people who are sick, for any reason, to remain home. 
    Just like every school year, families should keep children home if they are sick for any reason and staff should not come to work sick.

    Humble ISD will permit individuals who have had close contact and remain symptom-free to be at school.
    Families will determine what they believe is best for their specific situation. Required exclusion does not apply to symptom-free contacts.

    Humble ISD will require clearance from a physician before students who test positive for COVID-19 resume participation in UIL athletics or marching band. 
    This is a UIL requirement.

    Humble ISD will welcome usage of masks and personal protective equipment (PPE)  by anyone who chooses to wear them.
    Masks are optional. The district respects parents’ choices for their children. Masks and hand sanitizer will be available on campuses.

    Humble ISD will continue with enhanced cleaning protocols from the 2020-2021 school year. 
    We will clean touch points more often and continue fogging procedures. 

    Humble ISD will keep air fresh and clean.
    The district has added clean-air technology including extra building air purges, MERV 13 filters, HEPA filters, lower set points, and bipolar ionization.

    Clean Air
    Humble ISD will maximize exposure to fresh air and sunlight through additional outdoor eating, learning, and play areas. 
    Social distancing is possible at lunch by utilizing spaces beyond the cafeteria.

    Humble ISD will provide water bottle fillers on campuses.
    Students are encouraged to bring their own bottled water or a bottle to refill.

    Humble ISD will share information about free COVID testing and vaccinations.  
    Testing and vaccination is a personal choice, always voluntary and never required, and cannot occur without parent consent.

    Humble ISD teachers will emphasize frequent hand washing and hygiene.