• 5th Grade Orientation


      Cafeteria/ Lunch:  Lunch tickets should be purchased in the morning before class, if possible.  If you would like to join your child for lunch, it is FCE policy that you and your child sit together at the Reserved Table during lunch so you can enjoy that special time together. 

      Birthday Treats:  We suggest that you purchase the frozen treats from the cafeteria; they may be purchased before class. Parents may also bring cupcakes or commercially prepared treats.  

      Dress Code: Our handbook states that children may not wear bike shorts, halter/midriff tops, flip-flops, or shoes with high heels.  Shorts must reach mid-thigh (and sit at the waist). Mini-dresses and mini-skirts shorter than mid-thigh, spaghetti straps, leotards and halters as an outer garment are not acceptable. Also, please no makeup. On PE days, students must wear tennis or rubber-soled shoes. Girls might want to bring or wear shorts under their skirts or dresses on PE days.  Please read the District Dress Code for more details.

      Snacks:  Students are allowed to bring a mid-morning snack. We request that you send a nutritious and healthy DRY snack.  Please see below for examples. Students may only bring water to drink during class.

      Tardies, Absences, and Changes in Dismissal:  Students should be in the classroom no later than 8:05 a.m.  Students arriving later than 8:05 should stop at the office for a tardy slip.

      If your child is absent for one day, please do not call for work assignments. Your child will receive their make-up work when they return the following day.  If your child will be out 2 or more days, please call for work early in the day to allow teachers time to collect their assignments.  The assignments may not be picked up in the office after 2:30.  Make-up work that is to be graded must be completed during class time. It cannot be completed at home, per district policy. A note is required when your child returns to school after an absence.

      A note is required if your child is to go home in a different way than is stated  on their dismissal form. 

      Homework: Homework will be given on an as needed basis. If you feel that your student needs homework/extra practice, it will be available for them to pick up in the classroom. It is NOT mandatory nor a grade. If you have any questions, please contact your student’s teacher. 

      Late Work: Student work is considered late if not submitted upon the teacher's request. After that, it is considered one day late and a total of 10 points shall be deducted from the earned grade for students in grades 3-5. Teacher judgment should be used.

      Conference Period:  We always try to make ourselves available to you. Please check the individual teacher’s schedule and availability.

      If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call.  You may also email us at any time or send a note requesting a conference. 

      Take-Home Friday Folders:  Folders are sent home Fridays and contain papers from the previous week along with important information about school happenings. Please take time to review these papers.  This is our way of communicating with you about the progress your child is making. Keep all work at home unless you see one that needs to be corrected, signed, and returned. Friday folders are due back on Monday.  

      Inside the Tuesday folder, you will also find your child’s conduct card, a card reflecting your child’s behavior for the week. Please sign and return the card with the folder.

      Conduct Cards  are sent home weekly in the Friday Folder.  Each student is issued one on the first day of each 9 week period.  

      Weekly conduct grades are as follows:

      Mark(s)    Conduct Grade

      0-2                  E

      3-4                  S

      5-6                  N

      7+                   U

      STAAR:  This year, fifth graders will State of Texas Assessments of Academic Skills in reading, math, and science.  

      Healthy Snack Suggestions:

      Mini bagel, graham crackers, English muffin, mini rice cakes, Fig Newtons, dry cereal, animal crackers, pretzels, protein bars, fresh fruit or vegetable (nothing that drips), fruit snacks, popcorn, string cheese, fish crackers.