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    “To the world they were someone,

    but to someone they were the world”


    Creekwood Middle School invites you to become a permanent part of the Veterans Honor Garden by purchasing a commemorative brick. You will have a chance to help maintain the Veterans Honor Garden brick by brick. For a gift of $50, bricks will be engraved according to your specification. Your contribution from the sale of each brick goes towards the upkeep and expansion of the Honor Garden. The garden is a place of honor in front of Creekwood Middle School.  Purchasing a Veteran’s brick is an easy way to leave a lasting family legacy on the Veterans Honor Garden and at the same time help pay for the upkeep. Engraved on your custom brick could be your family name, a student or alumni's name, your business name, or your organization name. You could choose to engrave a brick in honor of an individual veteran, or to all veterans

    Brick order forms can be found at Creekwood Middle School.
    Please complete and return an order form to the front office with
    your cash or check payable to Creekwood Middle School.

    (Donations for the Veterans Park are tax-deductible.)

    Thank you for becoming part of the Humble ISD Veterans Honor Garden.
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