• Welcome to 4th Grade SIP! My name is Monica Moreau and I am beyond thrilled to start our new school year. 

    I was born in New York City, but I was raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I eventually went back to New York to complete a degree in Dance & Theater. I wrote and developed my own theatrical plays and was able to perform in various festivals. I went on to move to California because of my husband's job but continued my journey as an actress, but then found a new passion for teaching. I worked and volunteered in different after-school programs and absolutely fell in love with teaching and making a difference in a child's life. I went on to complete a Master's degree in Education. We had the opportunity to move to Houston and I am extremely happy we did. This will be my fourth year teaching at Groves Elementary but in a new role this year. I just cannot wait to start this new school year and continue making a difference in each child's educational journey and share with them my love of culture along the way.